i am a dummy

I have never read something as horrible as the translated version of Sensei wa Dummy (or I am a Dummy in English). To be clear, the dummy means a substitute and not as stupid.

Yunogi left the countryside to find work in Tokyo. With no previous professional experience, he keeps on getting rejected. Until he got a call from a publishing company. The job description is simple: to assume the public persona of the novelist Kirino Shusuke.

On the contrary, I do love Sensei wa Dummy, and I am disheartened that Nekota Yonezou seems to have put this on hiatus to focus on their more popular works. This is only a doujin that never made it to the mainstream. If I remember correctly, the series only has 3 DJs before Nekota Yonezou put it on indefinite hiatus/dropped.

There is an undeniable sexual tension between Yunogi and Shusuke, given the way the latter sneak glances on the former. The entire premise could be a hit story but this book is too short to give developments in their relationship.

I read the scanlated version a few years back. I loved it a lot, so I was over the moon when I saw that it was translated on Kindle. I was pumped up to read only to find this:

i am a dummy 1.2

Okay, a grammar error. So what? Nothing and no one is perfect. But then, I encountered more:

i am dummy 2.2

It starts with once on every page. Then escalated to every dialogue. Until 90% of the book is littered with grammatical errors. It’s like reading a bad subtitle that you just understand the story based on what you see. It comes to a point where it is impossible to read. The story doesn’t make sense anymore.

One of the best points of any Nekota Yonezou manga is the art. The guys are all so hot with their glorious pecs drawn in minute details. This version, however, looks like a low-resolution image lumped together to create an ebook.

Wow. Just wow. This is an insult to the series, to the mangaka, and to the readers.

How can people enjoy Nekota Yonezou’s work if translated like this? How are we going to convince the mangaka to continue the story?

The readers who buy the ebook do not deserve this trash. I bought this hoping to be entertained and not ragequitting halfway because of the translation. I’m not even demanding for perfect translation. I need a decent one, one that is worth my penny.

Just why oh why would you butcher something like this?

This goes without saying, AVOID THIS AT ALL COST. A waste of just about everything.

P.S. If you understand Japanese, then by all means, buy and read it. Who knows, if more people demands for a continuation, Nekota Yonezou might continue the series.


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3 thoughts on “[Manga] I am a Dummy 1 (先生はダミー 1)”
  1. I know what you mean bc I bought this ebook T-T
    I found it cheap on Amazon and decided to buy bc I LOVE Nekota-sensei’s works, but this manga was so poorly translated ><

    1. You were also duped by this. >_< I was so happy when I thought this was a legit translation but it turns out to be a complete trash. And we paid for this trash. /sobs

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