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Koketsu Dining is one of the memorable manga I’ve read in recent years.

Akaru starts living with his roommate, Hyuuga, who wears a mask. Hyuuga also claims to be a professional wrestler. The weird thing is, the tiger mask doesn’t look like a mask at all! It is clear that it is part of his face with whiskers and sharp canine teeth to boot. To top it all, he even has a tail! But, being as simple as he is, Akaru accepts all of it and even finds it cute. Though, he has reservations at first, once Hyuuga, very clearly tells him it’s a “mask,” Akaru let it slide.

They live their lives in harmony, and the two got quite comfortable with each other. Though there is a sexually tensed scene that is hotter than most sex scenes when all Hyuuga does is nibble Akaru in his half-asleep state. I swear it got my heart pounding (cheesy! XD) because OMG that tensed atmosphere which should have been innocent if not for how it was presented (and how Akaru reacted xD). Yet it also feels like I’m reading or watching a scene that I should not. After all, I still don’t know if this is considered bestiality? Is Hyuuga a beast? A man?

The carefree days filled with Akaru’s growing affection for Hyuuga and almost everyone’s acceptance of the masked wrestler made me accept this manga for what it is. I let myself enjoy the fuzzy feeling this book gives off. Like Akaru, Moto Haruhira’s build up, on Hyuuga’s character makes me look past his face and not see a scary tiger, half-man, half-whatever creature but a gentle, loving one.

But it also seems like the manga skirted around the main point: what is Hyuuga? The guy himself gives a vague response about it. So does his “boss” who might have a hand on what he becomes (though Hyuuga denied). I’m dying to know!

I’ve grown to love this story, along with Akaru and Hyuuga, even the other characters. I guess my dying need to know Hyuuga’s origin will be answered in the second book! For now, if you are looking for a funny, fluffy, yet queer read, then read Koketsu Dining by all means!


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