ore-sama wa koi no dorei

This is a collection of yaoi oneshots.

1 – He is a slave of love

Takatsuki is a top student. One day, he asked his homeroom teacher to go out with. To his surprise, he was rejected. he became even more determined to do everything to make Suou-sensei accept him.

2 – To want to make it a teacher

Sensei got kissed all of a sudden while tutoring one of his students. He knows that dating a student would be against the rules but he can’t control his feelings either!

3 – The main dish at the end

4 – The Emperor of Skyscraper

5 – Wrap me softly

6 – He is a slave of love

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to all of you for not giving a proper summary for this one. I have posted before about my files got corrupted and I still haven’t gotten them back. One of those files is this manga. Even though I can still remember what the story is all about, I have completely forgotten the names of the characters. Of course, you wouldn’t want to read something like, “The uke was this” or “His senpai is like that”. That would be awkward right?

One thing I loved the most is Sensei’s art. I’ve tried reading her previous works (I’ll put up a review for those when I get them back too) and since this is the latest you’ll see the transition of her works. They were extremely beautiful in a manly way. It was not overtly shoujo either. The “scenes” were pretty drawn, only if the effects were not kind of off.

As for the story, my favorites are 2, 4, 5, & 6. Those have somehow interesting love story and contains funny characters. #6 is included even if I dislike the first story because I LOLed at the scenes on that chapter. The characters are enjoyable too.

Looking for a collection of yaoi one-shots with good story and art? Find no more, this might be the one you are looking for.


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