Took me a while to get my hands to this book. Mandarake had been my saving grace when no online store had this in stock. I was even ready to shell money for proxy. Hooray Mandarake! o/

I had a hard time looking for reviews of this book before. Although I was pretty sure that I’ll buy this for Viewfinder’s story (Asami-samaaa <3), I was hesitant if I’ll really be liking the other stories. It turned out to be good and enjoyable! I was not familiar to most of the mangaka but their stories were intriguing and hot. Some themes were not my type, though. Anyway, it’s just a matter of taste. xD

Read below for the summaries of each story~ Be aware though that it could get spoilery at times so proceed with caution. Also, some photos were NSFW so be careful about that too. :3

A-senpai by Asumiko Nakamura

A-senpai likes C-kun who in turn likes B-senpai.

–The story was as simple as that. A senpai had a simple design, simple story… simple everything. And that simplicity made me love this story a lot. C-kun liked (take note: the jerk) B-senpai even though he was doing naughty things with A-senpai. I think I should also mention that among all the characters, B-senpai and C-kun were the only ones who have clearly drawn faces. At least, not at first. The turning point of the story and what hit me the most was when we could finally see A-senpai’s face. It’s like we readers were looking at him for the first time, just like C-kun. You know that cliche line in the manga (or any love story for that matter) “look only that me” was perfect for that scene. That sense of realization was wonderful. The art even looked beautiful to me after reading when I didn’t like it that much at the start. Perfect start for the book!

Razoku no Hanayome by Sera

Michiru is assigned to investigate the nudist tribe in the jungle. Instead, he is taken in by the tribe members, naked of course. It is not explained where should be his other coworkers (director etc) or I might have missed it lol. Moving on, there’s this guy from the tribe who accompanies him. He ties up Michiru who was desperately calling for help. Odd thing is, Michiru “thing” is really tiny. Like, it barely existed. So new guy is pretty sure that he will be deflowered with the other guy’s member standing tall. To his (and my xP) surprise, razoku guy works on his member on his own while only looking, and sometimes kissing his body. After he jerks off, he points at Michiru member and voila! It is now a full-grown body part! o/ LMFAO. Just what the hell happened? Is there some sort of power in his semen? wwwwww

The nudist guy~

–I enjoyed this story more than I should be wwwww. It was so hilarious and ridiculous! Not much on the story other than the jerking off scene lmao. However, the art was gorgeous! Naked guy was hot! — wait they’re both naked here, I meant the tribe guy lol. He looked like the alpha male seme but his gazes were tender and loving pfft. Sera have a very few BL titles (Tsuki to Yabajin and Nude na Kokuhaku, to name some) under her name and with that art, s/he had to make more. (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥

Ore no Oyaji wa Miseinen by Chinami Tomoya

A delinquent son who wants to do H things to his baby-faced father.

–I kept on hoping that somewhere in the dialogue they would mention that he was the adoptive father or something. But no, he was the biological father. Everyone was captivated by the father that even his own son wanted to do him. And he permitted that…

Oh and even though the title said “My father is…UNDER 20”, he wasn’t. He looked around 20 years old and not someone who has a teenage son.

Anyway, I’m not into incest much less a baby father (lol because he was acting like a wimp) so this story was no go.

The SHOW by Ike Reibun

There is a troupe who performs the entire day. During the morning, they have the usual circus. At night, they offer a different kind of show. Some are gross. But aristocrats enjoy these types of shows more because they can participate in them!

Among the performers, there are twins who acted as Romulus and Remus on stage. Their performance involves making out in front of the audience with one of them acts as the captive.

–Sigh. From one incest to another. I’ve only read very few — no only 1 — Ike Reibun manga which was Bi no Isu and quite liked it. But as I’ve mentioned above, incest was a no-no for me. Not even with a beautiful art just like this one.

Love Aroma Body -Extra Episode- by Minami Haruka

This is an extra chapter of the manga of the same title.

Oopps a bit blurry there. Sorry u.u

–I was wary to read this one, not only because this was Minami Haruka we were talking about, but also because of the story being an extra chapter only. I was not sure I could appreciate the couple without having prior knowledge about them. So I tried to search for raws. From what I read (more of skimmed through it), Love Aroma is a massage clinic (lol I don’t know how to call them xD;;) and the seme was working there. Uke was a salesman who complains of his body ache due to work. That’s where the two meet. And the usual Minami Haruka drama~ . Though I could say that despite the sexual innuendos in the entire volume, I was (pleasantly) surprised that they didn’t do it. The only and first time they did it was here so no wonder the entire chapter was a make-out scene.

Despite straying off the Minami path for years, this story made me curious about the original story. Then, there’s the spin-off (Sexy Aroma) in which I think a more interesting one than this. The main character here was the same guy who was the trigger for the first couple’s romance. He was a rather flippant yet stubborn guy who met his equal, a cool, calm, and sexy seme. High UST scenes ensued www. And let us not forget Momo Mimi Pheromone which I loved. I wished there’s more of the pairing. u.u

Taiku souko de Senpai to Kouhai ga yatteru dake no manga by Shoko Takaku

(Thanks a lot Axel-oppa and Amayan for the help!)
Senpai and kouhai making out…

–I didn’t really understand this one. This was a one-page story… and that’s it; senpai and kouhai were making out in the gym’s storage room. @.@

Mistress -Aijin- by Nitta Youka

Nekkid ossan having an S&M play with his mistress. Turns out, his 2 sons have the hots for their father’s mistress and are against to the abusive play of their father towards the mistress. Threesome sex follows.

–Sigh. A guy punishing his lover. Then said lover ran to the house of the sons to seek comfort, in every possible way. I dunno. Recently, I’m not enjoying recent Nitta Youka works which is a shame because I really like Haru wo Daiteita.

I guess, I just felt really really bad for the mistress to go through that. I found the sex inappropriate. The guy have gone into traumatic sex and then the only comfort you can give is another sex? Okay… sigh.

Atenaki Tegami -Unknown Letters- by Narusaka Rin

A Yakuza and a detective doing “business” by ending up in the bed. Is it just business or…?

–I’ll admit. I didn’t get it at first. Did he write the ‘I love yous’ in the previous letters? But then, I decided to go with that theory www. And that ending. Beautiful. It was vague but I’m guessing that now that they have confirmed their feelings, they’ll re-start their relationship even if it meant being an enemy of the society. I’d rather have that ending than be magically lovey-dovey all of a sudden.

Abakareru Yoru by Sasamaru Gou

Company president and his secretary. The manly seme and uke pair.

–Enjoyed this one a lot. It was hilarious! I didn’t expect the president to be a gay. I thought for sure he was meeting up hookers every night |D. The secretary surprised me too! I get the impression that he’s cunning… but to use that to steal the guys of his boss is just… lol He’s lewd too! He’s thinking of the president’s cum while in the office ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. As if that wasn’t enough, I didn’t expect the one who topped here. Like, I was hoping for the other guy to top the other. Instead, it’s the other way around. wwww

Ibitsu na Kakera by Ogawa Chise

A forbidden love between a psychotic older brother with his good-looking younger brother.

–Okay. I know I said some few paragraphs ago that I’m not into incest. However, this was an exception.

I didn’t know why or how was everything Ogawa have written turned into something dark. The recent ones were twisted which made me hope she’ll write ‘normal’ stories (though I also thought that this is normal for her lol). This one was so twisted — the what-the-fuck type, and heart-wrenching. The older brother’s desire to be the best in everything had been ruined when his smarter and more good-looking brother was born. He shunned him away, not feeling any love or goodwill for the guy. This resulted to a fucked up love his younger brother felt for him. Because the guy only wants to gain attention and love from his brother, he developed a different love instead. Love, at the same time lust. He would do anything, anything, for his beloved niisan. Together they descended to the depths of hell.

Yes, something is wrong with their brains. But I feel really bad for the two of them, especially the younger brother. He wasn’t at fault to develop that kind of twisted emotions. But he was being pushed around (and harassed) by his brother. No fair.

Dramatic ni ubae! ~3-nin de xxx hen~ by Higashino You

Threesome sex which turns out to be a fantasy of a male mangaka to his editor.

–LOL I didn’t know what happens here but I liked it 8D. I didn’t know who the other guy was, though.

Midnight Dog Show by Toriumi Youko

They only meet to have sex. He doesn’t even know who the other guy is, other than being hot. Who is he really? And what’s inside that briefcase?

–Slicing up the guy? Not cool. I worry about his body, just look. 😐 Though I think, the tip of the knife has some kind of aphrodisiac in there.

Yep. He sliced him even on THAT part.

What I liked was the attitude of the ‘dog’ guy. He never backed down and knows how to play his cards. He is like a dog, waiting to bite his owner. (๑´ლ`๑)

Sanran by Mizu Hashiba

He is bullied by his schoolmate. After a few years, they meet again and now he’s the one doing the bullying to him.

–I found it a waste of food whenever they used foods in making out scenes. Especially if they put it there. Okay so much for foods. I didn’t like the bullying part but to see him enjoying the act instead that made the bully felt embarrassed was the fun part. I didn’t expect him to be the seme too! xD The picture above showed how the two of them have liked each other since their high school days. The stolen glances were adorbs~! ♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡

Love is Blind by Kitano Megumi

A pure love that blossomed between a blind guy and his childhood friend.

–I.LOVE.THIS. This is just too cute and sweet! The childhood friend had been in love with his friend ever since and was always on his side even after he got blind. Even now that they were adults, they lived in the same house. Unknown to the blind guy, his friend jerked off every night calling out his name. Or so the childhood friend thought… 8D.

After I finished reading this, I went “Aww~~”. Their relationship was pure and sweet. Did I mention that this is sweet? /shot

Kinrou Buchou Takaba Akihito Barairo no Tashinami by Ayane Yamano

The story features Asami Ryuichi and Takaba Akihito from Viewfinder when the latter tries to top the older guy.

Stop being sexy Takaba. On second thought, please don’t. 8D

Do I have to explain why I love this one? 8DD

Asami is inviting you all to read this. 8D

The jacket (how do you call them, cover?) of the book screamed ‘flowers’ and ‘pink’ with innocent-looking (pfft) Akihito on the cover and friggin hot Asami on the back.  (*´ڡ`●) Having Ayane Yamano to draw the cover is enough for me to grab this book. xDD

Wrapping Up!

Sure, there were ups and downs in all of the stories in this anthology. Some were smooth, others were bumpy, but I enjoyed the ride. I discovered lots of interesting mangaka whom I never encountered before. I’m looking forward to Pink Gold 3 because of Nekota Yonezou <3333.

I’ll be going on a trip until January so I don’t think I can write about Pink Gold 2. Let’s hope I can post it early next year and before the anniversary of this blog. о(ж>▽<)y ☆


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  1. I remember seeing the scans of Yamano-sensei’s chapter. Holy crap. ASAMI’S ****. But yeah, definitely a favourite for obvious reasons! And Akihito with those handcuffs *___*

    1. Hi! Since I usually buy PG few months after its released date, I get them from Mandarake which has a really nice service. Or try Ebay. If you will buy new releases (example PG5), try Comicomi. 🙂

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        But thank you for your reply. You’re so nice. 😀 <3

        1. Which Pink Gold are you trying to buy? Last time I checked Mandarake, some of the shops still have PG 1 and 2. PG 5 is available in Comicomi. For 3 and 4, try Ebay. :)) Oh and if “Pink Gold” doesn’t work, try ピンクゴールド as some stores use the Japanese name.

          No problem! 😀

  2. Hi!
    Where I can find this manga: Love is Blind by Kitano Megumi
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    (Sorry if my english is not good..)

    1. Hi! Love is Blind is one of the one-shots included in the Pink Gold anthology. Are you asking where you can buy it? Or are you asking where you can read it?

      1. 😀
        Hmm… If it is in english language, I could buy it. But if not i just want to read (view) the manga online because I don’t understand japan language 🙁

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