Read below for the summaries of each story~ Beware though that it could get spoilery at times so proceed with caution. Also, some photos were NSFW so be careful about that too. :3

Rikashitsu -Science Room- by Ike Reibun

A perverted pretty boy middle schooler.

Be warned that before you start reading, this contains a bit of shotacon. Other than that, Ike Reibun manages to break all the stereotypes in this one. Don’t we all like it when authors do that? She also adds a little twist (that caused me to laugh out loud! xD) and some drama but maintains to end it with sweetness, in contrast to its lewd start. www Definitely a good start and a good one from Ike Reibun.

Chuugaku 3-nensei by Nakamura Asumiko

A weird business deal between two middle schoolers.

I have high expectations on this one after A-senpai and Dokyuusei. To my dismay, this one fell short of my expectations. It all starts with a rumor about a pervert near the male restroom. Said pervert gives random guys money in exchange for a blowjob. How the characters ended up to be the ones living that rumor, I can’t tell. Their motives are vague and while I want to support their relationship, I just can’t relate to their feelings. We see what’s going to come, but still, there’s not enough oomph in terms of romance. The art was beautiful as ever, enough to be its saving grace.

The Shasei series by Sakira

The Shasei series is a 3-part, 1-page stories scattered throughout the book. It features a couple in different situations. There was clearly no plot because our characters are like bunnies in the mating season lol. I must say that this is very Sakira-like with the ridiculous story and funny scenarios. This is a guilty pleasure of mine in this book www.

The art is the same as the other Sakira works. Which means to say, gorgeous, well-toned guys. You’ll enjoy it more, since all the Shasei stories are in full-color! o/

Hatsujou Virus by Tennouji Mio

A virus that causes sexual excitement. Two strangers trap inside a lab for 24 hours.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Tennouji Mio story and I totally enjoy reading this. Compared to some of the stories included in this anthology, no bondage is involved. It’s consensual sex which must be due to the virus as the uke here have some kind of phobia (I’m thinking it’s a little like Ten Count, but our guy here doesn’t only want to be touched by another human being). In the end, I wish there is more. A sequel perhaps? Or anything as long as the two have finally known each other’s name.

Matsu Hana by Zaria Ranmaru

Doing an unforgivable deed in such a place.

I admit, I am not familiar with this mangaka. If she is popular or not, I’ve got no idea. But to have 3 one-shots here? And among those 3, there’s none that I liked. 🙁

Matsu Hana is confusing. I can’t understand the relationship between the two nor the direction of their relationship. For those who like bondage, you might like this. Yet, this has rape included so I can’t really recommend this one even with the sexy art.

Long Vacation by Hideyoshico

Will long years of friendship turn into something else?

This has simple everything: plot, storytelling, characters, and even artwork. The simplicity, however, is enough to attract readers to its story. There is no cheesy or fluffy romance element added. Still, it is able to deliver a warm and sweet feeling after reading this.

The art is not my type but it later grows on me. It looks sketchy at times. Despite that, I am glad that it shows (albeit faintly) the internal struggle between the characters. The last few panels capture it all. It is a perfect end to the story.

Kusatta Rasen by Ogawa Chise

A rotten relationship between a father and his son.

Another beautiful yet disturbing story from Ogawa Chise. Just like her previous Pink Gold work, the theme revolves around the cycle of bullying. This actually reminded me of the quote “The slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow”. Let’s face it, not any victims of bullying stood up and faced life positively. Kusatta Rasen shows what happened to those who don’t fight but instead choose to turn their anger to someone else. It’s just how the real world works.

Note: Someone posted somewhere that there is a continuation of this and Ibitsu na Kakera in Ayaui Kyouen. It’s like a dj or something that happened after the last part of Ibitsu.

Note 2: I found this: Rakuda Tsukai to Ouji no Yoru. It seems to be a collection of one-shots. It contains Kusatta Rasen, Ibitsu na Kakera, among other stories.

Nanami 18-sai Mama ni Narimashita by Mogezou Hifumi

A one-shot related to a series with the same title.

ooppsie a little too blurry ><;;

Nanami 18-sai has a separate parent series which I haven’t read yet so I’m unfamiliar with the story and the characters. Although I could have looked for its raws online, but since I’m not at all eager to see the art, I don’t bother. The characters are drawn with heavy toning (or was it shading? both?) and everyone has around feature in them whether it’s the eyes or face. Totally not my type.

Mizugi na Kuchibiru and Kabe Mizu Shiri by Kamon Saeko

Features the other couple from Mizugi Kareshi.

Yet another one-page story in this book. They are unrelated stories featuring the same couple. I decided to put them together here since other than same characters, they are also from the same mangaka and they’re both one-page long. Once again, I don’t bother reading the parent story since I don’t like how the uke is giving off the cute girly shotacon vibe. So nope nope nope.

Kinbaku: Takaya-hen by Zaria Ranmaru

First of the two Kinbaku stories.

Takaya-hen is almost similar to Matsu Hana in terms of bondage and forced sex. But in fairness to Matsu Hana, the other guy must have some kind of affection to his uke compared to the one here.

Pays de Cocagne by Ishida Kaname

A place where children experience a different kind of play…and playmate.

One word: Shotacon. I could have loved the art, if it’s only the art we’re talking about. But my chest constricts for these kids.

Anyway! This is a spinoff of Aijin Reizoku Allergy (愛人隷属アレルギー). Based on the cover, it looks safe and okay but I didn’t read it so I can’t be too sure.

Himitsu by Watanabe Asia

Their reason why they are going out is a secret.

Cute~~! Though it is a tad confusing on my first read, it turns sweet and adorable later on. I like how the uke is not a pushover and can actually answer back. In terms of art, I have a hard time adjusting to it. The eyes can appear glassy at times, it kind off distracts me. ww

Kinbaku: Mamoru-hen by Zaria Ranmaru

Another Kinbaku yay…

This time, it contains an ossan and his, uhm, underling (I forgot ;A;). True to its name, it still has bondage. Good thing is, at least he isn’t forceful and is actually considerate. Our ossan could be cute if you like older guys. Welp, much better than the first Kinbaku.

Nureta Tsubomi ni Ochita Chou by Minami Haruka

He is bought by the older brother and make out with him everyday. But his heart belongs to the younger brother?

Same old Minami Haruka in terms of art. I still <3 the way she draws the seme and for the uke |D. The story is a little predictable. I’m probably expecting too much if I say that there could have been more angst. The ending left me hanging and dissatisfied. There could have been a better closure (or possibly 3p end? /shot).

Ookami-kun to Akazukin-san by Sakurai Ryou

The perverted Wolf is searching for his prey. What kind of person will he find tonight?

The final laugh (not that I’ve had a lot) I had in this book. The two are amusing to read as both of them are too willing to do ecchi stuff. It’s a fast-read as well that will certainly leave you grinning at the end.

Wrapping Up!

Offensive pink lol

All in all, I half enjoy reading this. The other half is on the meh side. Pink Gold 2 contains the most ‘turn offs’ that I have in BL namely bondage, shotacon, and rape. Even though I love the cover so much, but the inside is :/. I love what they did with Shasei though because it emphasizes Sakira’s art and comedy. Sadly, it is not enough to tip the scale.


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    Two of my favorite mangakas <3

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