Read below for the summaries of each story~ Beware though that it could get spoilery at times so proceed with caution. Also, some photos are NSFW (though I try my best to only post safe ones lol) so be careful about that too. :3

Pink Gold 3 takes the school theme. Most likely to complement Nekota Yonezou’s cover art and story (or it’s the other way around). There’s this one that looks like it is written on a blackboard. Then the table of contents and the pages in between looks like a page from a school manual. They even have a school emblem! ww

The book cover is back to a clear one, very much like PG 1. It does cover the ‘essential’ parts of the cover. 8D

Now for the stories~

Aru Hi no Houkago by Nekota Yonezou

Kobayashi has to convince the intelligent student Niina to study for the entrance exams. Niina agrees in one condition, Kobayashi has to show him all of his body fluids.

Niina is a scheming seme, the type who has a calm and collected face while being a sadist. While I love Nekota Yonezou’s art, as usual, I don’t like the bullying-your-uke-with-toys type of story. Especially if it’s just an excuse to have a story. This one-shot has a sequel. I forgot if I’ve already read it but I probably won’t read it if I haven’t, as much as I love Niina’s character design.

Ore wa Kawaii Otouto to by Takaku Shouko

Brothers making out with each other since their elementary school days.

If you’re into incest stories with a bit of shotacon in it, then this one might be for you. These two are lively kids for doing it god-knows-how-many-times-a-day for how many years. Let’s see, they start doing it with fingers on their 3rd and 4th grade. Then otouto-kun got mad when nii-chan jerks off without him so they officially start the penetration 5th and 6th grade. Woah so early :O. I worry for nii-chan’s body, to be honest. Other than being the bottom at such an early age, he has to deal with different toys and doing it every waking minute. O.O

I love the art, yes. Still, incest is a turn off for me. 🙁

Razoku no Hanayome: Razoku Mura wa Shigekiteki da yo Hen by Sera

Continuation of Michiru’s adventure in the nudist tribe.

Razoku no Hanayome! They’re back!! o/ I haven’t seen the pair since Pink Gold 1. I missed them so much.

So in this one, it’s still the same; Michiru’s still stuck in this weird tribe and he appears to have married the guy we met in the first installment. They’re still stuck at taller-guy-touches-himself-while-kissing-Michiru phase. Tall guy has a name too! But it’s freaking long, so Michiru calls him Rody or something (i’m bad with katakana okay www). We get a glimpse of life in the tribe. They make out anywhere with any partner — boyxgirl, boyxboy, girlxgirl, boyxgirlxboy (this one is het and homo combined lol). There’s this one pair (bxb) who decides to join the make-out session of Michiru and Rody. The other pair’s position is the one Michiru haven’t tried yet (no, no penetration too bad) and Rody got envious so they tried it. o/

Hadaka no Boku by Nakamura Asumiko

‘His’ gets naked every week.

Unrequited love. /sigh What I love about Nakamura Asumiko is that everything’s simple yet there’s something about them that is charming and heartbreaking at the same time. There is not so much dialogue. It’s like she starts the description and ends it in the reader’s mind. She shows a lot of things that look plain but weighs heavily in the story.

Kyoushitsu no Yugami by Harada

Distorted relationship and feelings between a teacher and a student.

In contrast to the previous story, this one has a dark outline and background that complements the dark story it tells.

A student constantly collapses during class. Little did the class know that their teacher is the one behind it — by putting vibrators and pierces etc to the student. One of his classmates who will be the sole witness to this twisted relationship.

Classmate-kun is like a representative of the readers. He knows what goes through his classmate. He is aware that their teacher is doing ‘that’ to his student. But he is too helpless to do something about it especially when his classmate seems to be a willing victim of the teacher. It’s just too dark and twisted. D:

Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko by Zaria Ranmaru

Jude and Royce are business partners. Royce has a strange disease where he has a huge sexual desire when asleep and will take any partner. Thing is, he won’t remember doing it the next morning.

I remember not liking any Zaria Ranmaru works from PG 2 but I ended up liking this one. If you are familiar with Sex Pistols especially the pairing with that blonde hair guy who likes dogs (class pres is a dog iirc), they have some sort of similarity. Come to think of it, their ukes have one-sided feelings for them too. It is never mentioned if Royce liked Jude or if he ever knew about that side of himself. I’m crossing my fingers they are on the road of being a couple. You’ve got to have some sympathy for Jude there. ; w ;

I forgot that Zaria Ranmaru’s art is pretty detailed so it came as a good surprise to me. It is able to bring out a hot, sexy, yet heartbreaking sex scene. xD;;

Mizugi Kareshi: Shiri Chigai Hen by Kamon Saeko

Bakappuru moments from this pairing.

After having a couple of one-page stories in the previous PG, they finally have their own one-shot! /o/ Atsushi still have Yuu wear female swimwear that results in some arguments and make-up sex. Silly as ever, but Yuu still looks feminine. :<

Sekijou by Ike Reibun

He who has a promising future becomes a prisoner.

I had trouble searching for the meaning of the title ;;;. The kanji can be read as ‘akanawa’ so it’s like a red rope or something and that’s what I get from online dictionaries. Though the furigana says ‘sekijou’. Now, the story has taken place during the old times so that words used are the difficult ones ; A ;. Anyway, this is a sad tale of a man who is a threat to the government and part of subduing him is him becoming a sex slave to an ossan. I used to dislike this type of story but it rings some truth in it. Besides, I really think I’ll have to change my neutral state towards Ike Reibun after this.

Kizukanu Shisen by Kamishima Akira

This is a forbidden relationship… but all I want is you.

Kayama falls for his stoic and cool homeroom teacher, Hagawa. Could it be that the feeling is mutual?

After all the twisted and heart-wrenching stories I’ve read before this, Kizukanu Shisen is like a breath of fresh air. A simple story of a teacher and student falling in love. Both of them are hot to boot. The art is webtoon-ish. Not the usual manga style of drawing. Definitely one of my fave story here.

Mop no Knight-sama by Takewakamaru

Rei swears to be the knight who protects his childhood friend a.k.a prince Yukiya.

The major turn off out of all the stories here. I’ll let the glimpse of their shotacon scenes past, but the art is too shota-ish! They are already in high school but their features, anatomy, especially Rei is ugh =.=. Rei is the usual airhead uke while Yukiya is the spoiled, clingy, scheming seme. =.= There’s also too much sfx in the background that makes the panel look cluttered. It’s also a major distraction when reading. Too bad, I read this right after Kizukanu. :<

Hitomi no Oku no Yokubou by yoshi

Those eyes caught him right from the very start.

Homeless, Masaharu invites the stranger Yuu to his house in exchange for modeling for his painting. While I love the atmosphere in the story, inviting someone in your house/living in a stranger’s house is a no-no in real life. Even if the host is an ikemen. :3c

Lovely art. I would have loved to see more from yoshi but it seems that they haven’t released before? Other than their doujins? :O

Omae to Ore to Koitsu☆ by Tamaquis Wren

Hisashi loves to bring and to try all sorts of sex toys and sex manuals to his childhood friend Aya. This time, he brings a new playmate.

The name Tamaquis Wren sounds familiar but I don’t remember reading anything from them. :O The story is silly and light-hearted. Hisashi is a big dork. www He brings his pet dog one time which leads to well… 8D The dog only goes up to sniffing and slight licking though (I’m gonna freak out if it goes beyond that lol).

Chikan ja Nai kara! by Nanase Hashi

Having no other way to prove that he isn’t a molester, he pretends to be a homo. But now he has to prove it through his body?

I would have liked it if not for the line, “You’re a real gay right? Then a handsome guy like me touching you should be no problem, don’t you think?”. Just because you are a homo, you’d like anyone touching you without permission. But then again, the station officer might have said that to provoke him into admitting his crime. Still that line is a little…

Aru Hi no Houkago and Ore wa Kawaii Otouto to have another one-shot in Kichiku R18 anthology. Well, they pretty much use lots of toys here so I expect their Kichiku one-shot to have more lol. If you want to see the sample, visit the official website here. Meanwhile, Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko seems to have another one-shot (yes!!!) in the upcoming Pink Gold 5 (double yessss!!!)! Judging from the illustration in the website done by Zaria Ranmaru, the characters resemble the Nemuri pair.

Wrapping Up!

Pink Gold 3 has fewer stories but they are longer than the previous PGs. Putting the few turn-offs aside, PG3 is a good and entertaining book. Lots of interesting stories inside too. No Ogawa Chise this time but there’s Sera so it’s okay ww. I think I enjoy reading this more than I thought I would be.


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  1. Awesome!! *o*
    Can I ask where did you buy it?
    I wanted to buy but what I only found was really expensive ;__;
    Kamon Saeko, Nekota and Nanase Hashi *^* love them all!!!

  2. HI there, I would really like to by a manga by Zaria Ranmaru but I can’t find them anywhere to buy.
    Can you give me any tips where to find them?
    I really appreciate it!
    Thank you.

    1. Hi! I haven’t really searched for any Zaria Ranmaru books. ^^;; The Zaria stories here are one-shots in the Pink Gold anthologies. Also, I haven’t seen any tankoubon from them. Maybe that’s why?

      But anyway, try Japanese sites like or and type 座裏屋蘭丸 and see if there’s any results. 🙂

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