The elusive PG 4 is finally in my hands! Muahaha. Elusive because I couldn’t find it anywhere for a long time, not even my go-to Mandarake has it. ; A ; But it’s finally here so it’s all good. 😀

Libre is taking the cover of this series to a new level. The previous PGs have a hard plastic cover with printed designs to cover the main illustration. It’s slick and tasteful, especially that beautiful PG2 black and pink design. This time, PG4 resembles a blu-ray disc layout complete with a box-like cover for the book, very dvd-like. I don’t appreciate it before when they first released the design but my opinion changed when I have the book in my hands. The first time I open the book, I have a difficult time getting the book though.

Ayane Yamano comes back in this book and draws the illustration again. We have Takaba Akihito from the Finder series and his glorious behind teasing the readers. He looks like he is being restrained and filmed. The accompanying card looks like a video recording, very fitting to the theme.

The cover screams blu-ray quality. Even the table of the contents says “Blu-ray disctic book”. Let’s see if the stories are of high quality.

Onto the stories~!

Read below for the summaries of each story~. Beware though that it could get spoiler~y at times so proceed with caution. Also, some photos are NSFW (though I try my best to only post safe ones lol) so be careful about that too. :3

First off, Otoko Benten Enbunroku by Nitta Youka

A rumored androgynous beauty that captures a certain gentleman.

Ugh Nitta Youka. Don’t be fooled by my summary though. It sounds innocent and cliche but I swear it’s a lot weird and darker than that.

Before I even start reading this, something catches my eye. Haru wo Daiteita ALIVE 1, Kiss Ariki 1-2 on sale! (PG4 is released April 28. I believe Kiss Ariki 3 is also out now.) What is Haru wo Daiteita ALIVE?? I haven’t heard of this before O.O. HwD is the only title I’ve ever loved from her (Spiritual Police had the potential before it turned gross). The series ends nicely so I can’t think of anything that will continue the story. I find some Chinese scans online and the art looks prettier. I missed reading about this couple, sure but I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrow on this one.

A-N-Y-W-A-Y. That is not the point of this post so moving on lol.

Otoko Benten is set in the Meiji Era. This is a mix of male prostitution, coercion, threesome, a bit of incest, implied past romance, and mystery. While all elements are supposed to be interesting alone or paired with another, I’m not sure if it works well when thrown in together.

The English gentleman is infatuated with Benten and is coerced by Benten’s brother to have sex with the younger brother. Benten mentions that his brother is the one who deflowered him as part of his preparation for selling his body. Mid-sex, older brother decides to join the fun, sandwiching the poor gentleman. That’s also the part where someone (I forgot who, might be the gentleman or the brother) remembers a scene from the past. This is most likely the older brother meeting the gentleman before when he studied in England. It’s so confusing. I’m supposed to feel something, like sadness at the end because it’s bittersweet but I’m all ??? throughout that I give up understanding the story altogether.

Itsuka no Yume by Naono Bohra

A forbidden relationship between an uncle and his nephew.

Is it just me or that thigh looks way too big?

Once upon a time, I fell in love with Naono Bohra’s stories. But right now, I’m quite neutral about their works.

You can guess from that one-liner I wrote there that this is incest with the uncle as the uke. Typical Bohra story. I could have liked it if I’m not put off with the art. The characters’ eyes are so defined as though they are glaring or something (or transforming into vampires). The uncle is a hot uke though. www

Dourou Cameraman Takaba Akihito no Love Monster Shuurai by Yamane Ayano

The story that I’ve been waiting for!

A night of slutty Takaba and sadistic Asami.

Asami’s smile (¬‿¬)

Okay. That is a lame summary. lol

Takaba, being the usual dedicated cameraman, goes on to a drug dealer and buy some. He is given an “innocent”-looking chocolate saying that it’s a fad right now. Takaba goes to Asami’s office to release some “heat” and giving Asami the same chocolate and…well you can pretty much guess what happens next. ;D

This is a good break for all serious Finder series right now. I kinda miss seeing Takaba feeling hot and bothered (wwww) because he is such a sexy uke. True to his nature, he is unabashed when he wants to do it and is rather proactive about it. In this one-shot, we get to see that Takaba is really into rough makeout session even if he denies it when he is sober. ;D

We also see the same sadistic Asami here who would watch Takaba pleasure himself under the older guy’s cold gaze (which turns on Takaba more lol). At the same time, the Asami who is weak to the cameraman’s tears.

Kimi ni Iretai by Chitose Piyoko

Before Ouka goes to Tokyo to study, his childhood friend Hazuki wants to see all of him first.

If it’s Chitose Piyoko, please run for your lives~ … unless you are in for (sometimes wtf) pwp. 8)

Ouka, don’t just believe and agree to strip just because your longtime friend asks you to show him his entire body, especially if he stares long and hard (pfft) on your lower half. Or if confesses while licking your junior. www

There isn’t much to the story because there isn’t one, to begin with. It’s short too. The panels are neat and the art is prettier than the last time I’ve seen a Chitose art. They look generic anime style with a bit of webtoon-ish effect.

Lesson A by Machiya Hatoko

Practical tips on how to do it from none other than your boss and his lover.

I experience second-hand embarrassment from reading this one. Katsuki and his boyfriend Hinata ask Katsuki’s boss Hayase and his lover to show them how two guys do it. Hayase doesn’t want to do it at first (just like any normal person) but after much prodding from his lover he agrees. They all go to a room and the older couple show and guides the new couple on what to do etc.

I could have enjoyed this but I’m reeling from so much embarrassment that I found myself skimming through it.

Razoku no Hanayome: Boku… don don Ecchi nacchau yo Hen by Sera

Michiru continues to live in that naked tribe with hot Rody.

Michiru ponders about how living with the naked tribe started and how he actually enjoys being in this place. He adapts in their way of living and even in the sense of not minding if they are ‘doing’ it in the middle of the forest with other people around them (since they are also busy with their own stuff hehe). It’s fun to see Michiru being captivated by the sight of nekkid Rody (who wouldn’t /shot) as seen above. www

Also, a rival tribe appears and kidnaps Michiru. This one is like a delinquent type, knows how to dress a bit (they only cover the essential part) and has tattoos.

Just a clarification though, on my first PG post I stupidly asked what is Kamimura Michiru. Turns out, it is Michiru’s name! www I’m still not sure about his last name though. Also, he is not a reporter but a newbie actor hosting a program to learn more about the tribe. That explains his frantic manager in every last panel of the one-shots.


-‘S by Hataoka

A reversible Master-Slave relationship.

This is read as Apostrophe Plus S.

Yahata is short and short-tempered, a stark contrast to his childhood friend Sano who is a popular guy in their school. Despite his popularity, Sano is totally under Yahata’s control… until Sano asks why Yahata thinks that he owns Sano.

This is cute, fluffy and hot all at the same time. They have this awkward and clumsy makeout scene that turns out to be really adorable. It’s fun seeing them switch personalities during those intense moments.

The art reminds me a lot of Kojima Lalako, cute and sketchy. The characters look innocent and pure (pfft). It oozes with lightness and freshness throughout the story. Love this!

Karada x Karada Shintouatsu by Minami Haruka

Or Seme x Seme Minami Haruka style.

You know what I like about Minami Haruka’s stories? It’s the kind of stories where the uke is brooding, a tsundere, or a kuudere. It’s a very different take on the usual feminine uke in her stories. Masaki is the very example of my type of uke.

Masaki and Hase always makeout at lunchtime in school. But as much as Hase love Masaki and their ecchi stuff, he wants to do it without any rubber. Thus, the story ensues on how he convinces Masaki to be all ‘bare’.

This is probably my favorite Minami Haruka story despite it being silly and all. Actually, I could have enjoyed most of her stories if she only minimizes girly ukes. Here Masaki is tsundere and could compete with Hase in terms of looks. If we could only have more characters like this from Minami.

pua lani by Ishida Kaname

A one-shot after story of Ishida Kaname’s Aijin Reizoku Allergy.

After Pays de Cocagne, I’m not sure I can trust Ishida Kaname. Then again, this is just an after story of the manga Aijin so this is nothing but the couple’s makeout session.

Himitsu no Saimin Kyoushitsu by Sakira

A one-shot of the couple from the Shasei series.

Remember that three separate page one-shot from PG 2? The colored pages that I mentioned? The saving grace of the book? They finally have their own story!

Though I would have liked it more if it remain a one page story…

The older brother tells his younger brother to go meet him after school in a classroom. Turns out, Nii-chan is reading about hypnosis and wants to try it to his brother. He hypnotizes his brother and blindfolded the poor guy. On top of that, he lets him imagine that he is pleasing himself while the whole class watches him AND his yankee friend doing him. Okay that is sick Nii-chan. Whatever happened to the funny, sexy, and lewd pairing from PG 2? I’ve already looked past the incest but that trick to Otouto-kun? Major facepalm.

Tenkousei by Nakamura Asumiko

There’s a secret underneath those clothes that none of his classmates knows.

Can we all stop and gush about Nakamura Asumiko’s art?

A high school student wearing gakuran type of story is becoming (if not already) a Nakamura tradition in PG series. In this one, another troubled uke with unrequited love (seriously, Nakamura Asumiko is going to be the end of me) transfers to a school. One of his new classmates accidentally sees a bra strap under his shirt. Turns out, Transferee-kun has the habit of wearing girls’ undies, a habit he developed way back from his old school.

It’s heart-breaking and heart-warming at the same time. Only Nakamura Asumiko can deliver those emotions flawlessly at the same time.

PICK UP by Aiba Kyouko

As in literal pick up.

He wakes up in an unfamiliar place and sees an unfamiliar face.

I dunno, I just don’t get the fact that he wants to be with someone again who sort of have a one-night SM stand with him.

Otameshi Are! by Sakurai Ryo

Trying out different sort of toys.

Now, where have we seen this kind of story? Except the seme is more cunning and without the dog obviously. 8)

Wrapping Up!

I enjoyed this a lot than the past PG books. There are fewer toys and sadomasochism involved. Sure, I didn’t like some but there are far better stories here than the past 2 books that I’ve read.

Notes: As I’ve posted on my PG 3 post, Nemuri Otoko by Zaria Ranmaru doesn’t appear in PG 5. Instead, the couple are in PG 6. PICK UP is also in the Pink Gold 5.


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