Yesss I’ve finally caught up after how many yearssss. www

I was starting to feel like the romance was going nowhere. Even after the formation of Cain siblings, I thought it will all just be about Ren confronting his past etc.

But! After I took a long break from the series, guess what happened…

FINALLYYYYYYY! /runsaroundflailing

This was the most sensual scene/chapter/whatever in the entire series so far! This topped even my previous favorite scene, the one when they were practicing for the Dark Moon and Kyoko had to enter Ren’s room. IIRC, Kyoko almost fell from a chair but Ren caught her. >//<

But this one’s different. Like the UST between these two have reached the max level www. Them, being the lovey-dovey siblings that they should be… I CAN’T EVEN. ASLDKFJKL. Gahddd, Ren was just adorable with his needy, puppy looks despite the killer aura. So dangerousss~~ xD


I was happy not only because of the increased amount of bonding time that these two have but I was glad that AT LONG LAST Kyoko recognized and accepted her own feelings. It might be a little tough for her after her failed first love but hopefully she’ll use it or her new found love will be helpful in her acting career, one way or another.

Still, these two have a loooong way to go. First, they both have to overcome their pasts and settle their feelings. Second, they have to clear the ‘misunderstandings’ they have created or should I say persona? Like, Ren’s Corn (or Kuon) and Kyoko’s, uh, chicken mascot? ww

And about the latest chapter. While most of the fans, like myself, wanted them to kiss, I don’t think I can agree to that. ^^;; It will be too early for them to do that. Too premature. I don’t like the idea of Kyoko kissing Ren under the pretense of ‘saving Kuon’? Hmm? Nor I don’t see Kyoko giving in but, well, I’m not saying that it’s not possible either. But then again, Sensei only gave a hint for the readers (and let our imaginations go wild lol) about a ‘possible’ kiss. Who knows what’s in for us the next chapter. There might be some surprise like it’s not really a kiss or something/someone might interrupt them etc. xD

It’s nice to caught up with Skip Beat! again. <3

Image above is not mine. 🙂


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