Towa heard advice from his friend: “All men are beast. Don’t get fooled by their appearance.” Of course, Mikado is not exempted with that. With the ups and downs of their relationship, will Towa finally realize his budding affection for Mikado?

While the earlier volume is adorable, it is only in this book that this pairing captured my attention. Instead of another round of teenage angst, we get another simple and light plot. Towa is clueless as ever as to why Mikado and he do things that best friends do not. What confuses him more is that he somewhat enjoys and loves his best friend’s touch. One day, he notices that Mikado is avoiding him which confuses him more. Will this gap between them tear them apart or pull them more together?

Mikado proves once more how deeply he cares for Towa despite how cold his appearance is. He is usually perceived as a sadist. The truth is he is just aloof and care less for people who bear no importance to him. Moreover, he acts like that to tease Towa to reveal the latter’s honest feelings.

Another interesting point presented here is how the roles of the side characters presented. Warui series has 2 spin-offs and the pairings for those stories have a brief interaction in the story. They had one or two scenes in the previous book but only in this one, we get to have a few conversations with them. That gives us a slight idea of how they interact with other people’s perspectives. In return, it shows us how they view the main pairing and their relationship with them.

It seems that the mangaka does not only focused on the development of the main characters but also the other characters. Towa’s friends are of course, like him, delinquents and act like one. So who would have expected that despite their happy-go-lucky lifestyle, they value their friendship a lot. Even if Towa is not confiding them everything, they still understand what he’s going through and will stand by his side when times get rough. It’s nice to see them this supportive and all even when they are considered trashes by most people.

There is another volume left (or is it two? hmmm) dedicated to Towa and Mikado. I’m a little uncertain at the next one since I can’t think of anything that can finally conclude the story of these two. This book is good yet a little too early for the conclusion of their story. I’m hoping the next one will move me too. If you’ve read the previous book and loved the pairing, you’ll definitely like this too.


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