From the back of the book:

Wataru and Yuichi have spent a blissful year watching their relationship soar to new heights. But with the added responsibilities of exit exams and a stressful job, both boys know that their stolen moments together are more precious than ever. Of course, their enchantingly handsome faces and unique personalities attract admiration from those both near and far…and when the sweet and sincere Masanobu decides that Wataru is an uncanny reminder of a love long-past, his attachment poses an immediate threat to the passionate couple. With a meddling older brother, jealous schoolgirls and a school-wide auction all thrown into the mix, will Yuichi and Wataru have no choice but to offer up their secret to the public, or go into hiding…forever?


Two rings bind Yuichi and Wataru in their intense love affair, but the very same rings also symbolize their secret pain in The Ring Finger Falls Silent. Prying eyes and selfish schemes meet them at every turn, and it seems no one can resist wondering about their intense relationship. Will the cost of guarding their racing hearts ultimately drive them apart? Deeper understanding and trust are there to save the day…but only if they can stay together.

IIRC, I have read until volume 3 from the scans floating around the internet before. While I feel that volume 2 is quite a letdown, volume 3 is much better. After all those years, I wonder if I’ll still like this book. True enough, it did not disappoint.

Love can either make or break a person. Certainly, Wataru has gotten stronger this time. He becomes grounded despite all the setbacks they are encountering. Kazuki, too, has become more than a perfect prince. More exactly, he has stopped being the perfect prince and more of a perfect boyfriend. There is nothing more admirable to see that your favorite couple growing into more level-headed individuals, especially with regards to their relationship.

The Ring Finger Falls Silent has turned even more exciting with everyone having a clear motive or goal specifically Asaka. Yes, we’ve seen that coming. Despite that, it is presented in a way where you can’t hate Asaka and sympathize with him instead (Pro-Asaka! lol jk). It is effective because I did like him more. His feelings pretty much nailed it enough to make him as one of my favorite characters. I’m really weak when it comes to characters like him.

We finally get to see a showdown between Kazuki and Asaka. That part screams INTENSE and there’s probably may-the-best-man-wins sparks coming from the both of them. It is one of my favorite scene, more than Shohei-Yuichi banters, in the book. That is a no-holds-barred conversation, they both go all out in presenting the cons of their side. I don’t even know whom to cheer on.

It may have been late to notice how their make-out sessions are described. Sure, the manga is shounen-ai, and volume 1 started out innocently. But even when they have already crossed the line between shounen-ai and yaoi, it still remains sweetly innocent. Some may even call it borderline cheesy. There is a line that Kazuki said how he loved the way Wataru love (“I love the way you love”) because it is tender and gentle. And that is exactly how you describe the sex scenes. As cliche as it may sound, they don’t have sex, they make love. The words are not graphic but instead remains as pure as first loves which is very fitting to the story.

I’ve still liked this book until now.Volume 3 has the end of excessive women attention Kazuki is receiving and the last look at Wataru’s high school life. It has a close resemblance to volume 1 which initially lured me into the entire series. The recurring characters make me feel nostalgic. Even the mention of Miho Ookusa has brought back nostalgia. The ambiance in Ryokuyo remains the same. It is the final look at where everything has started and now start for their future.

Wrapping Up!
This book has truly made me fall in love with this series once again. It has gotten thicker than the previous ones, literally and figuratively. Borrowing Kazuki’s line, I love how these two loves. It is sweet, tender, and ever so gentle. In contrast to that, their personalities are strong and sturdy. And that applies to everyone in the cast. Indeed, a very good read.


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