Hu r u?

I’m itching to date Akihiko. lol

I’ve re-started P3P with the female MC this time. I love her already! She’s got sass and more personality compared with the male counterpart. Fem MC’s like a real high schooler and not just “barely there” character. Argh I’m not being clear on this. >_<

The interface and bgs look a livelier with the vibrant pink color. It’s super cute and posh. Mind you, I even prefer blue more than pink.

Looking forward to the social links! Since I’ve max my stats in my last playthrough, I wouldn’t have to exhaust myself to run around and just focus on S.Links and quests. Phew! But from what I’ve read in the guide, the S.Links especially for the guys are lot trickier than for the male MC. Good to know that there’ll still be challenge waiting for me! lol

There are also new characters I’ve never encountered from my previous play like the girl above. I’m excited in this play, really. Hopefully it won’t take long for me to finish this game like last time. Hopefully! www


5 thoughts on “Persona 3 Portable FemMC”
    1. I’m sorry I can’t answer that. I haven’t gotten that far in the New Game+ so I haven’t encountered any scene like that. ;;;;;

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