Have you ever had this sudden urge to play a certain game despite your black hole of a backlog? Because that’s what I felt for P4G! lol

The storyline of Persona 4 Golden takes place 2 years after the events in P3P. I can’t stop squealing inside once I start the game because everything seems familiar yet new to me. I never thought that I would miss P3 that much. Despite all the mental exhaustion that I have to go through with that game, I felt attached with all the characters. Even the mention of Kirijo Group in P4 brings me streaks of joy. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

P4G’s theme, as far as I could tell (I’m on Rise’s story atm), is about accepting yourself, the other “you’’ – the you you so badly want to hide from other people and from yourself. The game got that positive vibe going on that you could already tell from the op movie, with all that vibrant color and hip music. The contrast between P4 and P3 makes me appreciate the latter more than I did while playing it. P3 is all about facing the end with a positive outlook; that the end doesn’t have to be the end, but a beginning. If in P4, the characters grow stronger as they accept themselves, the growth of character (other than social links) is by coming in contact with death, accepting it, and then re-starting your life from there. I guess that is why to release your Persona, you have to use a gun and point it to your head. You have to be brave enough to do that. Think of the scene at the start where Yukari is psyching herself to just pull the trigger.

So far, P4G have everything I wished P3P had. EXCEPT for the teleport and the heal at the entrance. Yes you can go back to the entrance by tracing back your steps (that’s a pain, really) or use an item called Goho-M (Go home www). I’m the type of player who is so stingy with items that I would rather NOT use them or only on very very rare occasions. As for healing, you either use items (ugh) – SP items are hard to find though, or ask the wolf to heal you. BUT you should initiate the Hermit link first before you can do that. AND asking the wolf to heal you is pricey.

Having said all that, I’m enjoying P4G so far and perhaps I’ll spend the rest of the year playing this game. <—hopefully not ww


6 thoughts on “[First Impressions] Persona 4 Golden”
  1. hahah what a coincidence coz I just finished this game xD; btw if you’re worried about SP, trust me, that’s the biggest issue that delayed any dungeon discoveries. if you want you can fuse a persona with invigorate skill, only a few has them unfortunately. the first persona that I fused with invigorate was black frost. also if you increase your social link with rise later, she will occasionally boost your stats during battle, including increasing your SP when it’s low soooo that should help.

    but yeah it was a long playthrough if you want the true ending. my last gameplay was like 119 hours? when I finished the game because I played on risky mode (the hardest difficulty). if I added up all my efforts and game overs, it probably adds up to 130 hours ahahah

    enjoy your game! it’s worth the time.

    1. Lol yeah. I had to push my way through the first two dungeons by brute force. XD Ooh thanks for the tip! The invigorate skill is a really helpful skill. 😀

      Woah risky mode *_*. I’m on the safe side of very easy lmao. I’m kind of expecting that this will take me 100+ hrs or so since it took me a loooong time to finish p3p.XD

      Thanks! 😀

      1. yukiko’s castle kinda took my time coz of low stats on the beginning, also not enough good persona. SP shouldn’t be any problem from halfway til the later of the game. I mean I only have SP problems about at the end of the game, on the final boss. you can also grow some melons when on the backyard when it’s available since it fully recovers HP and SP. don’t forget to buy soma if it’s available on tanaka shopping!

        both persona games are a long trip xD; I’ve finished P3P twice (both as male and female) but both are still long hahaha.

        1. I’ll take note of the melons, haven’t encountered them yet. Oh right soma! Okay okay, will take note of your tips. Thanks a bunch!! 😀

  2. P4G IS AMAZING!! I always urge people to get a Vita just to play the game hehe! Great story, gameplay, characters… the subtle ‘homo’ in some of the scenes haha! 😀

    1. IT IS! I don’t regret getting this game. 😀
      Omg ikr! XD I just go alskdjfa whenever homo scenes/topics came up. Thank you Kanji for providing us those. xD

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