[First Impressions] Mojuutsukai to Oujisama

Mattheus’ cleavage bow

From here on, I’ll be updating this blog with recently played/read games & manga. This will also be my guide in case I lost track of whatever I’m reading or playing. XD

Yesss I’ve started this game! More like, seriously play this game lol. I was playing NORN9 and decided to drop stall it for a while (who knows how would be that “a while”). I guess the pull of these princes is too strong to resist. xDD

Glass Heart Princess (グラスハートプリンセス)


Title: グラスハートプリンセス)
Company: Otomate
Release Date: December 20, 2012
Platform: PSP
Official Site: www.otomate.jp/ghp/
Walkthrough:  http://bitaten.blog108.fc2.com/blog-category-117.html

Himeno Kyouko has everything a girl can have — beauty, brain, and resources. Despite that, she has a rare disease called “Glass Heart Syndrome”. If her heartbeat gets really fast, her heart might stop beating and she will die. Also, she only has 4 months to live. There is no cure for her disease yet so the only thing that they can do is to rehabilitate. Her maid, Satsuki, just have a brilliant idea for that — that is, for her to fall in love! 

Beware! Extreme flailing ahead. Proceed with caution. You have been warned. 😛

Amnesia Later (アムネシアLATER)


Title: アムネシアLATER
Company: Otomate
Release Date: March 15, 2012
Platform: PSP
Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/amnesia_later/
Walkthrough: http://momokan.chu.jp/momokan/amnesia_fd-gw1.html

This is the fandisc of the first Amnesia. It is divided into 5 worlds which I will explain later. I won’t be giving summaries for each one since it’s short that I mind end up spoiling the game. I’ll just state what is it all about and my impression on them.

Amnesia (アムネシア)


Title: アムネシア
Company: Otomate
Release Date: August 18, 2011
Platform: PSP
Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/amnesia/
Walkthrough: http://otomenotomo.tyonmage.com/kouryaku/amnesia.html


One day, the heroine wakes up to a dimension-like space. A spirit shows up in front of her and introduces himself as Orion. After a series of events, Orion ends up in her head which causes her to have an amnesia. The only way to get him out of it is to have her memories back. Now that she is in this dimension, there are parallel worlds before her. She needs to choose a world and face the life that awaits her there.

Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable (官能昔話 ポータブル)

Title: 官能昔話 ポータブル
Company: Otomate
Release Date: January 19, 2012
Platform: PSP
Official Site: http://www.otomate.jp/kannou/

One night, a guy suddenly shows up in Himeko’s room to tell her stories. However, these stories are not your average “and they live happily ever after” type. Mix of Western and Eastern stories where Himeko will get the chance to be the heroine of every story. Besides the normal ending, there’s also alternate routes and twists that Himeko can experience.