THIS is lovely. I’m telling you. 😀

Still not done playing the first one, though. ^^;; While waiting for the release of the final patch of TMGS 2 from Gokusaishiki, I decided to download this one.

TMGS 3, as many of you might know, takes place in Habataki high school 7 years after TMGS 1. The church is still there, so as some familiar faces (Himuro & Amanohashi).

Anyway, you get to meet him on your first day while your homeroom teacher (Oosako-sensei) is speaking with the class. He seems to be promoted to whatever position. XD

Changes can also be seen with Ikkaku-sensei. Well, other than looking a little bit older, he’s now parting his hair at the center. Forgot to take picture of him though. >_>

Now for the main guys. The first guy you’ll ever meet in the game is Sakurai Ruka. He is the younger brother of Kouichi. Both of them being your childhood friends before you moved.

I thought I wouldn’t like him when I first read about him in other blogs. But he’s cool! His air is different from Kei-chan (I still love you Kei-chan XD), way fresher. Not to mention his differences from the other princes of TMGS. Of course, he is still good looking but putting that aside, he is not the perfect prince. He doesn’t have those really high grades and gets to a fight quite often. However, that does not change the fact that he has high standards. >_< Another plus points for him is his voice actor, Tomokazu Sugita. Sugitaaaaan!!!!! LOL

As for the older Sakurai, you get to meet him the next day, him together with  Ruka.

Yes, Kou-kun looks like a badass compared to his brother’s ikemen look. But he’s sweet! And just like those who have already played this game, I also love his voice. 😀

When I met Ruka, I instantly made up my mind to go for him. My decision, however, wavered when I met this guy.

Another dateable guy in the guy. He is Niina Junpei. You get to meet him in your first year but you won’t know his name until second year. Why, you ask? Because he is your junior. Now I’m having thoughts of who should I go first, Junpei or Ruka? O.O

One of the things I like in TMGS 3 is the art and style of the game. HabaGaku improved a lot. The opening screen also changes depending on the time of the day. Another likable thing is the girlfriends. Sure you do not have the younger brother to rely on but your gal pals are there for you. They’ll provide you anything you need, from the guys’ info, tokimeki panel, and whatnots to their fashion senses. They are like your real friends who won’t turn back on you when you’ve started dating the guy they like. An interesting addition to the game is the PVP mode. I haven’t done that yet but I’m excited to try that one.


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