拯救校草的那些日子[重生] / Those Days of Saving the School Heartthrob [rebirth]

Author: 蒸蒸与上

Raws: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3423639

Translation: https://www.wattpad.com/story/181344795-those-days-of-saving-the-school-heartthrob

Chapters: 94

Summary edited from MTL-ed copy from JJWXC:

Ji Ming Yue thinks that his last life is pretty good, there is no reason for him to be born again. So when God let him restart his high school, it must be to rewrite the tragic fate of the school heartthrob and his crush Lin Feng!


In order to save his male god, Ji Ming is more and more skillful.


The first step, in order to prevent the school grass* grades from falling, volunteer to be his deskmate to supervise him


The second step, in order to prevent the school grass from being lonely, try to become friends with him


The third step, in order to prevent school grass’s bad relatives, help his sickly mother and invite the school grass to have a vacation at his home!


One step at a time, very nice!


As he was saving, suddenly one day…


Lin Feng looked down at him, his eyes clear: “Do you like me?”


Ji Mingyue: “No, no, no, no…”


Lin Feng: “I also like you.”


“…” Ji Ming changed his words. “No no no – I like you too!”

First, if you know a better translation of the summary, or if you know the author’s translated name, please do tell me.

About the school grass thing, Lin Feng is called 校草 (xiàocǎo) which according to this website means “most handsome boy in school.” So if you plan to MTL this afterward, you’ll either see school grass or school god and that pertains to Lin Feng.

Another thing, on MTL, Ji Mingyue’s name can also be Ji Ming. But for this post, I’ll be calling him Ji Mingyue or JMY. For Lin Feng, it’s LF.

Now that’s out of the way, I’m so happy to share this series with you! This webnovel is something I discovered while lurking around Novel Updates forum and it seems like a light read, the kind of read I needed at that time. The story’s not that long plus it’s set in the modern times so it gives me the courage to read through the MTL. (Psst, if you don’t know how to purchase from JJWXC, check out Anonfail’s guide.)

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Light read

One of the reasons why I chose this is because it seems like a really light read based on the spoiler thread on the Novel Updates page.

I did not expect to love this!

The premise is simple, Ji Mingyue’s mission after his rebirth is to make sure Lin Feng lives a smooth-sailing life so as to avoid the tragedy that happened in their past lives. Alongside saving Lin Feng, Ji Mingyue also manages to help the important people in his life with his knowledge of the future.

One of my fears was for the novel to be filled with unnecessary drama. But thank goodness, that didn’t happen. There is some slight angst, yes. But there are also comedic and romantic scenes to balance it out.

Lin Feng x Ji Mingyue 5ever!

Another reason I liked this is because of Lin Feng and Ji Mingyue’s relationship. At the start of the novel, they are the opposite of each other — the cool, handsome, intelligent but poor gong and the friendly, rich, but dumb shou. They are like worlds apart.

But as the story continues, the two of them tries to be the better version of themselves. The two work hard to improve their statuses until they become equal. The best thing is, they do it not to impress the other, but to help the other person instead.

Side pairing

Alongside the Lin Feng and Ji Mingyue pairing, there is also another pairing from their group of friends. The two are not as prominent as the other side pairings in other novels. In fact, they only have, like, two or three prominent events in the whole story.

But they look like they have so much drama and story in them. I couldn’t help but hope that there’s some extras or better, an alternative story with them as the main couple (and LF x JMY appearing on the sidelines hehe).


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Ji Mingyue

Ji Mingyue is the very definition of dumb cute. He isn’t the cool, manly, and Mr. Perfect Lin Feng. But JMY tries his hardest in everything, despite fumbling and stumbling a lot.

He originally wants to be an artist so he did not really study hard. But in order to be friends with Lin Feng, Jin Mingyue pesters his crush to be his tutor. He is hardworking that from one of the lowest ranking students in the school, he becomes one of the top-ranking students.

That’s the power of love for you. But that’s not all.

Later on, if Lin Feng is called the school grass, Ji Mingyue becomes the small school grass with his looks and his intelligence. You could say that they are compatible with just about every aspect. And it’s not because they have a golden finger. They achieve it because they both work hard to succeed.

Though being a rebirth story, you’d expect Ji Mingyue to be very adult. After all, he’s already an adult before he died. But he still thinks and acts like a teenager lol. Like how he tries to get Lin Feng’s attention or wanting to sneak a kiss during their sleepover. It feels like he matured more when he rebirthed than in his first life.

Lin Feng

Lin Feng starts as the typical cold and aloof gong. I thought I wouldn’t like his character. But come to think of it, even if he acts like he hates Ji Mingyue, Lin Feng allows JMY to copy his homework without being asked to.

When LF opened up though, he is very dashing! I feel like every scene with him and Ji Mingyue is a flirting scene, with the way he cares and supports JMY. For example, he comes rushing down the stage while giving his speech when JMY throws up and has to go to the hospital. Or how he cooks for JMY and making sure that JMY always eats healthy foods.

Sometimes I feel like Lin Feng takes care of his mom and also of Ji Mingyue. Like, he’ll go to the hospital to take care of his mom’s needs. Then, at home, he’s also the one responsible for JMY’s welfare and studies.

…are you really helping LF, JMY? Or adding to his work? 😂


Oh wow, Ji Mingyue’s father and Lin Feng’s mom are the kindest and the most understanding parents I’ve ever encountered. They know that their kids are falling for each other before the two even admitted their relationship. While they subtly cautioned their kids, they also give their blessing as long as their child is happy.


Their group of friends is hilarious. I’ve gotten so attached to them that I felt sad when they graduated because that means no more screen time with these dorks.

And well, like I mentioned above, I liked the side couple…

Enjoyment (✯◡✯)

I enjoyed this so so much! If only MTL doesn’t fry brain cells, then I would come back to this once in a while. I kinda procrastinated in the last couple of chapters so that I won’t finish this yet hehe. It has the right amount of romance, angst, and comedy. This is only a simple story, but I’m emotionally satisfied.


Oh gosh, there’s a lot. 😂

The school flower aims for Lin Feng, intensifies Lin Feng’s crush on Ji Mingyue instead – Knowing all of his possible love rivals, Ji Mingyue blocks all of them. One of those is the school flower. She looks for Lin Feng but calls for JMY instead, hoping that LF will come out if it’s JMY calling him. JMY refuses and talks back at her instead (which no guy at their school would dare to do). LF thinks that she like JMY instead. Later on, she is finally able to talk to LF. In the hopes of getting on LF’s good side, she complains to LF about JMY’s attitude. Instead of getting angry, LF smiles and is glad to know how JMY reacted.

I know it’s not a lot, but smiling is only something LF does a lot around/when it comes to JMY. LF is pretty aloof when it comes to other people.

Lin Feng putting Ji Mingyue’s mask again and again – When Lin Feng’s mother is hospitalized, Ji Mingyue follows. But JMY wears a mask because he can’t stand the smell of hospitals. Because he needs to ask for LF’s mother’s room, he removes his mask. Just then, LF finds him and immediately puts his mask back. JMY removes it again (for reasons I forgot) and LF puts it back again.

It’s just so sweet the way he cares for JMY like that.

Aiming for Lin Feng’s shoulder – JMY’s dad got into an accident in another city. JMY and LF fly to that place right away. During their flight, JMY tries so hard to aim at LF’s shoulder while trying to sleep… but keeps on missing that coveted shoulder. 😂

Boasting their “girlfriends” – during their university days, they are asked for dates and mixed parties. The two refuse, saying that they both have a girlfriend. Of course, everyone is curious. LF and JMY start listing the qualities of their lover which turns into boasting, saying “nooo, my girlfriend is beautiful because she’s blah-blah.” and this continues until their classmates have ??? on their faces lol.

Lin Feng’s proposal – Lin Feng has a history of being unromantic. Then one day, he proposes to be with Ji Mingyue for the rest of their lives and gives his ATM with all of his savings to JMY saying, “My salary will be handed to you for the rest of my life.”


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