Time for another Awesome Possum!

Awesome Possum posts consist of random internet finds. Any blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts, anything under the sun will be included here. To be clear, this won’t only include games or manga. It will be anything and everything. Some posts may not be necessarily posted this week, but I’ve only discovered about them this week.

There’s barely anything interesting that happened this week so this will be a short post. No new videos either that attract my attention other than the ones that I’m already following namely Kelsey’s Sims challenges lol.

So let’s get started.😋

Awesome Reads

Save the Meiji Government at Rurouni Kenshin Escape Game

More than the escape game, I’m so glad to know that there’ll be new live-action films for Ruroken!

Orange Manga Will End with 7th Compiled Volume

Huh. The 7th volume will be the true end??

PS Vita Exploit Quickly Shut Down by Sony With New Firmware Patch

Welp too bad for those who use homebrew. Though part of me is slightly happy that Sony is still updating PS Vita.

The World’s Greatest First Love Boys-Love Manga Gets New Anime

If you go to ANN’s site, there’s an illustration of Takano and Ritsu wearing suits and for a sec there, I thought Takano is Usagi because of the lighter shading of his hair and he is pretty buff. Well even Ritsu. Wooow he’s finally eating on time.

And huuuuh. Nakamura Shungiku’s works are still not available as ebooks? Bummer.

New Zelda & Pokemon Nintendo Switch Controllers are up for Preorder

These are pretty rad!

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix Heads West In 2020 Exclusively For Switch

Ooh Project DIVA on Switch! But probably not going to get this because I tend to not finish my rhythm games (except for Chiral Night I guess?) and then I’ll feel so guilty about it.

Welp. That’s it! 😘


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