The Renta! Experience

On a rare occasion when somebody uses the contact form on my blog, they sent an email about an affiliate link for Renta!. This email reminded me of my own Renta account which I haven’t visited for half a year.

But first…

What is Renta!?

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10th Year Anniversary!

Screenshot (342)

Friends, it’s been a long and winding journey but I’m finally here tonight…pfft

It’s been 10 freaking years since I’ve started this blog!? I feel so old. Thank you for reminding me, WordPress! 😂

Bishie Holic has been through a lot of changes and experimentations. But one thing remains the same. That is me being always late in celebrating my blog’s anniversary lol. It seems like every March 9, the universe conspires to keep me busy.

Anyway! Better late than never!

Shout-out to all the readers, fellow bloggers, commenters, everyone! Thank you for dropping by and I hoped you enjoyed whatever post that roped you here. Thank you so so much! ❤️

Happy 10th year to us!!! ✨

[Scribble] Year in Review

happy new year!!! (1)

I wouldn’t have thought that I’d still be blogging up to this day.

2018 is the year where I did a lot of reflections and realizations on life and other things. Along with the ups and downs in RL comes the ups and downs for my feelings for this blog. On my blog anniversary this year (last March), I realized that I’ve been blogging for 9 years now. I also thought that the moment I hit my 10th year, I’ll stop blogging at all. Blogging has been dying or so they say.

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