A pastry chef and a tsundere guy who likes him.

Just like what my friend, Yume-chan, said, Natsume Isaku’s work is never a hit or miss. Her works will certainly hit. In this one-shot, she pairs yet another unconventional couple.

Compared to the ones that I’ve posted (Kiraboshi and Ameiro), note that Amai kaori is only shounen ai so no sexy times :P. But the length and theme do not limit the story to deliver yet another good and simple story.

I guess, at this point, I can say that Natsume-sensei is good at establishing a solid romance. Her characters don’t just say I love you and jumps to bed immediately. They don’t fall for each other under whimsical details. Those characteristics can be applied here as well.

Another thing that I like is that the characters are comfortable in their own skin. But of course, the acceptance of society is a different thing. This results in a dip in the characters self-esteem.

As a Natsume Isaku work, this is not without a dash of comedy. It has balanced humor and seriousness in which both are delivered well. There is one scene where the couple is lovey-dovey in the park and someone shouted “Gay!”, to which the other guy replied, “Shut up!”. LOL

The only complaint about here is that it is too short. Short, not because it is incomplete, but rather I want to read more of this couple as I enjoy their chemistry a lot. You don’t see tsundere seme a lot too~!

Wrapping Up!

A good light-read from Natsume Isaku. Totally enjoyable! Don’t let the “one-shot” tag deter you from reading this. The length does not stop the story to be one of the sweetest one-shots out there.


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