I’ll give you love because you’re pitiful.

Orrrr something like that. Basically, this anthology’s theme is about relationships that starts with pity, or pathetic love, something along those lines.

Kudos to Amayan for helping me translate the lines in italic. 😀

Okite Saisho ni Suru Koto wa (起きて最初にすることは) – Shimura Takako

A younger step-brother in high school who enjoys the time of his life x the hermit elder step-brother

During my first reading, I feel sad for the older stepbrother Kimi. He has a one-sided love for his stepbrother Natsuo on top of being bullied and is forced to be a shut-in. This is all because Natsuo has no problem announcing to everyone about Kimi’s gender preference.

When I get past my initial sadness, I feel bad for these two. They’re like the lighter version of Ogawa Chise’s Ibitsu na Kakera. Kimi has an apparent lack of self-worth for pursuing a fruitless feeling even if he is subjected to Natsuo’s insults. Meanwhile, Natsuo has the upper-hand in their relationship, the one being pursued and all. When in truth, the more he indulges his brother, the more Kimi gets his way. It’s a pretty rotten cycle.

There’s an entire volume for this which you should read if you want a follow-up of this though I can’t guarantee a sweeter feeling afterward.

Parsley to Mini Tomato (パセリとミニトマト) – Ukino

A mini tomato that worries constantly x a parsley that tries his best even when he’s disliked

What’s with this story really? A story between mini parsley and a mini tomato? Seriously?? www So Parsley and Mini Tomato have a childhood promise to fulfill: to grow up, delicious enough, and be eaten together. Idk that’s just nuts www. I don’t get why the story is here (But then again, there are lots of other stories where there’s a personification of things or foods). I see that Parsley is pitiful by always being left behind during meals. Then, time and again, despite being eaten a number of times, Mini tomato will come back to cheer for Parsley. Uhm, so are all mini tomatoes the Mini Tomato? Or is that the ghost of Mini Tomato? Or just a representative of all the mini tomatoes in general? Do tomatoes even have ghosts? Thinking about this makes my head hurt www. The only good thing about this is its adorable art.

Yuki-iro Machibouke (雪色待ちぼうけ) – Mikage Tsubaki

A serious elite doctor x A young man that admirably waits like Hachiko

Considering all the stories in this anthology, this is probably the most adorable one-shot. While the romance part is almost non-existent, I’m hoping and praying that it’s gearing towards that. Masaki (the megane guy) is the type that keeps people at an arm’s length. He doesn’t want to be involved in any troublesome things and person. Until he meets a young guy named Rei and his world turns upside down *cue I Knew You Were Trouble song*. In fairness to Rei, despite his roots and the type of environment he grew up with, he remains stupidly naïve and pure that got Masaki and I hook with that charming personality of his.

2-choume no Chiisana Sakana (2丁目の小さな魚) – Kawai Hideki

A dependable petite-sized senpai x A big-sized kouhai that dresses up as a woman for his senpai

For a few pages, I thought this is an after story of Masaki and Rei did by a different mangaka. The character designs are almost the same. I thought, why yes, that’s cool… until I read closely and notice that the characters have different names. /facepalm

This one is the I-want-to-love-you-but-I’m-born-as-a-man type of story. It is supposedly a tad bittersweet story but my lack of Japanese gets in the way (sobs) so I feel like I’ve lost some details like there’s a gap or something, leaving me confused at the end of the story. That being said, the romance feels a bit sudden. Because in one scene, Harunobu plans to marry his girlfriend then Kenji runs away. I get why he doesn’t marry her or why Kenji disappeared. Thing is, in the next scene, they’re finally together? Like how? I’m as surprised as Kenji about the state of their relationship.

Good thing is, Kawai Hideki seems to have released a tank for this so I could fully understand the story. /adds this in to-buy list

Kosha Ura no Natsu (校舎裏の夏) – Sakurabi Hashigo

An art club member that’s often turned down x A frivolous man who is good at providing comfort

This is where Fubin BL really kicks off. All the previous stories are sweet and dandy compared to this.

Manabu hangs out at the back of his school building, nursing his broken heart through drawing. He meets his senpai who hides his troubles with a bright smile.

Kosha Ura hits all the right buttons namely summer and unrequited first loves. Add a bit of regret there to break my glass heart completely. It sucks to be Manabu though, having his heart broken twice in a span of what, a season?

There’s some unnecessary fanservice at the start. And even with my second reading, it still doesn’t make sense. When you get past that, well, prepare some tissues. While the ending is happy (depends on your perspective really), it is also sad and bittersweet and I’m just 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。.

Senaka. (せなか。) – Tsuda Yuki

An awkward and insensitive young man x the tsundere childhood friend that has a secret

This is a story of best friends where one of them unconsciously stares at the back of the other. Said oblivious friend is about to get a girlfriend that sets his friend in a fit of jealousy (you wouldn’t want a jealous tsundere). Both characters embody the “Fubin” in the title. They’re both helpless when it comes to their mess of feelings and they have tension around them because of their “no-good” personality.

At this point, I’ve realized that the first few chapters is a preparation phase. They provide stories that make your heart on the edge of breaking because the succeeding one-shots will break, tear, and rip your heart apart.

While the art of Senaka. looks clean and gives off the vibrant aura, don’t be fooled. I repeat, DON’T. BE. FOOLED. In a sense, it is better than the previous story when it comes to the ending but it doesn’t mean that this one doesn’t feel like someone kicks me in the chest.

Aishi Aenai Koi naraba (愛し逢えない恋ならば) – Kiyomizu Hikari

A student that’s troubled with an unrequited love x A guy that just gotten a lover

Kudos to Kiyomizu Hikari for this.

I love how they don’t give away anything at the start other than establishing the relationship of the characters. You’d have to read closely and notice small things then put two and two together to get a clearer picture.

I’m quite surprised to see that this has more serious theme than it looks. It gives off a PWP vibe that I thought this is placed here by accident. I keep on thinking that the characters are delinquents and that this is gonna be porny but nope. It is also probably the first of this kind of story that doesn’t take the you-and-me-against-the-world choice.

Mura wo Deta Karakuri (村から出たからくり) – Natsuki Zippo

A mechanical doll that knows its place x A mechanical doll that wishes to be friends with humans

While this does not make me cry buckets like the previous stories, it does make me go d’aww. Fuu always longed to be liked by human beings. He attempts many times to befriend the townsmen but is usually shunned away being a doll. Because of this, he and his companion Hii lived in the mountain.

It’s sweet to see how Hii is willing to do anything for his friend. Then Fuu realizes how much he has taken Hii for granted.

Stakeout — Itoi Nozo

A traumatized yet frivolous younger police officer x A black-haired bespectacled and strait-laced police sergeant

I have to apologize but this story is hard to understand T_T. The main characters belong to the police force. The uke forces himself to the seme every night when he is having nightmares. The seme is assigned to look after the uke but then he also cannot leave the guy alone. Seme confesses but it all feels so sudden and forced. =.= The entire story makes me go @_@.

Love in Motion — Kumota Haruko

A very sadistic fashionable gay high school student x A kind-hearted high school teacher

A kind teacher who falls for a ドS high school student. The student practically rapes his teacher every time yet the teacher just takes it all even if he’s already having doubts about their relationship.

I’m just not really good with sadistic, overly self-centered seme who fails to see and consider his partner. ಠ_ಠ

Yasashii dake no (やさしいだけの) — Suzuki Tsuta

The patient that awaits his death x A mysterious young man that came to him

This is when things get really weird.

There’s a terminally ill patient who meets a mysterious pretty boy.

I love the art because, well, this IS Suzuki Tsuta but the story is just… what the hell did just happen ∑(゜Д゜;). www

If you are up for some heart-wrenching BL story, Fubin BL is the book for you. The book is pack with different kinds of stories that might be right up your alley. It’s a fun read though too bad my excitement at the start died down towards the end of the book. Still, this is an interesting read and I hope there’s a continuation of some of the stories that I liked


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