This is just mega cute! AKSLDJFLASKDF

Kajiyama works as a delivery man and would usually go to Aizawa’s apartment for packages. Strange thing is, whenever Aizawa goes outside, he wears a bunny head. This makes Kajiyama curious about his strange customer.

There are lots of awkward and blushing moments that’s enough to make you grin or flail or squeal due to its cuteness. Kajiyama is your average guy and is a little hot-headed. He is polar opposite of Aizawa who would rather hide his face due to his shyness.

The story is mostly about overcoming Aizawa’s hikki attitude; for himself and their relationship. Then lots of fluffy and cute scenes ahead.

There is this scene, the morning-after, when there’s a delivery again (by a different delivery man) and Aizawa rushes out of the bed to go out. First thing he grabs is… the bunny head. Pfft. And he is naked from top to bottom. wwww He is more concerned that he’ll show his face than his junior. wwwwwww


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