Yanagi Hisato has everything: money, looks, intelligence, and good physique. He is like a prince to everyone ever since elementary school. But a transferred student, named Kujou Mikoto, is destined to become his nemesis. Poor guy though she doesn’t see him as a rival. More like she doesn’t care. www Yanagi isn’t able to beat her in everything since then.

I have my reservations for reading this manga before because the art looks childish? Like I thought they are middle schooler or something. But the characters are actually in college. XD

Also, I didn’t think it would be that interesting and sweet at first. It turns out cute and sweet after reading a couple more chapters.

The point of view of the story is told mostly by Yanagi. Though sometimes we get to see sides of Mikoto as well. Yanagi is head-over-heels Mikoto. Despite having everything, he still doesn’t have her. www Everyone in the story, when I say everyone — even Mikoto’s mom, and Yanagi’s mother and sister, knows his feelings for her. Except Mikoto. www His unrequited feelings serves as a running gag in the story as the characters make fun of Yanagi. His reactions, their relationship is just rofl worthy. XD

Some people have been saying that Last Game is like the college version of Kimi ni Todoke. They are not really wrong. Actually, I can compare Mikoto with both Hikari (S.A.) and Sawako (KnT). Mikoto has the brains, strength, and poverty of Hikari. Both she and Sawako are same character design-wise and doesn’t have friends/zero communicating skills. But Mikoto is more on the stoic and plain side. While Mikoto is comparable to the other heroines, she is unique on her own though still dense.

After 10 years of complicated relationship, their relationship is finally moving in a snail’s pace lol. It’s not bad, that kind of pacing. I kind of enjoy it. Because they know each other long enough, they have deeper understanding of each other. Their moments together when they are being natural with each other gives me all the dokis. www


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