High school student Subaru loves sex. What he really wants though, is to find that special someone whom he can connect with emotionally and physically.


One day, while making out in the art room with his sex friend, Subaru sees a painting that causes his heart to beat like crazy! He thinks he has found the love of his life. However, the artist Nagayama is an antisocial lad and rejects Subaru. But Subaru’s not going to back down and will go on an all-out attack!

While I’d usually prefer stories like Kasa no Shita, Futari and Recipe no Oujisama, Star-like Words is just as sweet and endearing as other Junko titles. It has a simple and straightforward plot with comedic antics on the side. There is a tad bit of drama as well. But the funny parts outbalanced it, so I am not moved by the sad scenes.

Subaru is not everybody’s lead character. He is promiscuous, doesn’t like to commit in a relationship, and has a flippant personality. Any potential readers might find his loose lower part irritating. Admittedly, Subaru likes sleeping around. At the same time, he is also looking for his one true love. This might explain why he sleeps with different guys — in the hopes of finding his special someone among them. So you see, the promiscuity is justified. I’m not saying that what he is doing is good. But there’s a reason for that. Besides, once he falls in love, he starts being faithful. Heck, he is even disgusted when his former sex friends tried to make a pass on him.

Falling in love can affect you in both ways — good or bad. It is up to you how you will look at it. The object of Subaru’s affection is Nagayama. The guy’s known for being an introverted genius who only knows how to express himself through painting. When he starts falling in love with Subaru, he changes personality-wise. But he also stops painting.

That occurrence causes some rift to the lovebirds which is initiated and ignited by a senior named Mihara. He only appears in the latter part of the story with a sole purpose of separating the couple apart. The whole Mihara thing is so overdone in any stories with socially-considered geniuses suddenly dropping out from their craft. I am more of surprised that he concedes just like that. Though that’s a lot better than prolonging the drama.

There is an extra chapter included in the book. Kuratani has been in love with his friend Shinonome. He even lied that he likes sweets just so they can hang out together. They go to a cafe only to find that couples and women are only allowed that day. In his frustration, Shinonome decides to crossdress and goes back to the cafe to have a ‘date’ with Kuratani. Not convinced that they are a couple, the staff asks them for an identification. Shinonome decides to show their relationship by kissing!?

I enjoy the extra because of its hilarity. Plus, well, it’s notevery dayy that you can see a crossdressing seme. www

The art is charming as always. The characters are drawn up close so their expressions are clearly shown. The most expressive part for me is the lips. Junko draws plump lips; sometimes quivering nervously, sometimes sexily.

Wrapping Up!

A fast, nice read. Star-like Words is simple yet enjoyable. The characters are all endearing (yes even Mihara or the other club members). Art is cute too. I hope Junko will come back to BL world soon. 😀


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