It took me a month or so to finish this playthrough. nah, not because it was tough or something, more like busy in RL. Moving on to the game. 😀

Since I did Sakuya’s normal (kiss & without kiss) ending and Kei’s best friend confession ending, I have decided to write about it on the same post. 😛 Originally, I was only aiming for Kei’s best friend endings. Plus this is my first time doing ‘man-juggling’ so I want to choose an easy character. But the question is who has an easy parameters to fulfill? That’s when Sakuya entered the picture. You must have known, based from my previous posts, how he irritates me by bombing me a lot while going through Kei’s, Himuro’s and Jin’s route. But I don’t have much choice since I’m doing Kei’s bf ending. I mainly chose him as the “sacrificial lamb” was because he has the closest ‘likes’ with Kei. First, they both like ‘Pure’ clothes which will be easy for me (and for my money) to go shopping for same set of clothes. This is also beneficial when I’m going to dates with either of the two. For instance, I have a date with Sakuya this week and wear ‘this’ pair of clothing. Then, I’ll wear the same set of clothes (probably only changing the accessories if I don’t have the ‘in’ one) for my next date with Kei. Second, they both have a high Int and Social. When it comes to dating places and gifts during Christmas, both of them likes almost the same things. So I’ve made up my mind to get Sakuya’s ending and Kei’ best friend confession ending at the same time.

Sakuya is pretty easy to get, added to the fact that you can raise your intelligence without going to rival mode with Shiho. I actually didn’t meet her during the entire game even if I have a 250+ Int. As for this guy, you only have to have 200 Int and 150 Social to get his ending. Despite that very high Int, I told you, it’s easy to reach that. Joining the Gardening club and continuously pressing the command button for 3 yrs (in the game) will do the trick. I totally avoided using the study command (perhaps I pressed it once while I’m on vacation, can’t remember) for I might accidentally meet Shiho and ruin my game. It’s been a month since I’ve started with this one so I’m not really sure if Sakuya immediately moved from its neutral state to tokimeki state. The walkthrough I am following mentioned that you should date the guy, the one whom you do not want to get his bf ending with (in my case Sakuya), twice within the span of 8 days. Remember that there are consecutive holidays in the first week of May? That is why I immediately joined the Gardening club to meet him and then use the next 2 weekends asking him for a date on 2 consecutive days on those holidays. Man juggling is tiring, you know? I wouldn’t even dare doing it in RL. >_> Every month I see to it that every other month I have to go to date with either him or Kei. And since this is my first time getting his route, I have to make sure I won’t miss any CG (though I think I missed one O.O).

Sakuya has always, always irritated me on my previous playthroughs. The one who keeps on bombing me every now and then, and even got some of his CGs and almost his ending (when I got his save icon during my Jin play). Upon playing his route, I realized how cute his personality can be. Among all the guys that I’ve played so far, he has far the deepest and most profound thoughts in his life and anything organic. He answers my questions seriously and shares a mature (not ecchi one :P) conversation with the heroine. I loved how he answer the question about his type of girl. So mature. ^O^ But I still can’t like him enough since he’s like a girl when we’re on dates, blushing while making an angry face and all among other things (wait, what is he, a tsundere?). I don’t hate him now either do I like him.

Since the very purpose of this game is to get Kei’s best friend confession, I have to work hard to get that while aiming for Sakuya’s normal ed too. I literally gasp when I found him outside of my house after I went to a date with Sakuya. After that incident, he officially becomes my best friend. Kei’s so sweet and considerate as a friend. ^//////^ I also noticed that the best answer for his normal route won’t be the best in this one. I can’t explain how but that’s probably because he is your best friend and not the guy you’re officially dating? Either way, I am glad his crown changes in the tokimeki panel. It becomes bigger perhaps because of the skinship points I gathered. 😀

As for the ending, I had to redo Sakuya’s loooong confession before I got to the best friend confession. Other than being long, I don’t have any other problems with Sakuya’s ending. It is rather lovely with the full blown anemones in the background. With Kei’s, it is still sweet. Saying he doesn’t want me to be taken away from him made >////////////< (why so adorable kei??).

Now off to play the other best friend ending of Kei. *wink**wink*


6 thoughts on “Tokimeki Girl’s Side 1st Love Plus – Morimura Sakuya and Hazuki Kei”
  1. The best friend routes are always so bittersweet.. especially the ones in GS3 along with the triangle relationships. While in GS1 and GS2 I have some guys that I don’t like, I like all the guys in GS3 so it’s sad to reject the other guy. ;_;

    But Kei-tama is love <333
    I love all of his endings, best friends or not. xD

    1. I’m having a hard time refusing the other guys in GS3 since I like all of them too. TAT

      That’s right. 😀 Even his almost confession is <3.. ^///////^

  2. I don’t know lot of things. For example, do I have to get all the answer of his best friends questions? I want to try the third ending first without the guy confession. But does it may be that I have to get the Best Friends confession 1 before the second one? … I’ve tried five times and my victim does not confess and Kei doesn’t appear in the beach. =S

    Euryx-sama!!! (it’s a good thing having a fangirl friend like u >o< ) Can I have your Best Friend confession? I'll say Yes! <3

    *nosebleed* XD

    1. For the bestfriend confession and bestfriend ending, you both need two guys at tokimeki state, the ‘sacrificial’ guy should be dated twice within 8 days, and you unlock all the bestfriends topics. You can fulfill whichever ending you want to have first, be it the bf confession, bf ending, or the normal one. The difference of ending with confession is that you don’t need to fulfill his requirements so he won’t confess at the church and you’ll have your bestfriend consoling you instead of Tsukushi. 🙂

      Nice meeting you too! ^^

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