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Window to Window by Lee Aru

Status: Completed

Chapters: 41

From Lezhin:

Childhood friends Ginu and Yubin live in separate apartments in separate buildings right next to each other – so close, in fact, they can talk to each other and see into each other’s apartments through their windows. But Yubin’s long-held secret is revealed one day when Ginu sees him doing something naughty through the window…

May contain spoilers so proceed with caution!


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

While reading Window to Window, I can’t help but wonder what makes me continue reading the series. But when Ginu catches Yubin masturbating with a dildo and purposedly approaches Yubin to teach him how to do it, I am already sold to the story. With Yubin’s feelings on the line, there’s this sense of crisis around their relationship that makes this webcomic gripping. By instinct, I know that none of them will get out of this fuck buddy relationship unscathed. Still, I want to see how these two will survive after plunging themselves in their raging desires.

About 80% of the story is just about Ginu “teaching” Yubin sex. But after reading the author’s afterwords, I realized that the sex scenes are the key to the plot. They said that this is a story built on sex and Window to Window delivered it well.

Sometimes I get so worried for them though, physically and emotionally, with the amount of times they do it.

Negative ( ̄︿ ̄)

The thing is, the author also introduced the characters’ past that shaped their present selves. It gives the impression that these plot devices will be used or will play a major role by being an obstacle between the two.

The first that I notice is Ginu’s mom. With the placement of the panel in addition to the dark background, giving the scene an ominous vibe, I thought the mom’s warning about gay relationships would bring a psychological shadow towards Ginu. Or worst, she would do everything in her power to tear those two apart. That expectation results with me, looking out for signs where and when she might pop out. But the series ended and she never appeared.

Another is the guy from Yubin’s past, his first guy so to speak. Given the way he is introduced, I’m prepped for the trouble he might bring. But alas, it’s a trouble that never comes. Like with Ginu’s mom, he’s just a bringer of information. While their pieces of information are important because they help in giving more depth with the main characters, the way they are set up make it seem like they are minor minor minor characters.

Neutral (¯ . ¯٥)

To take a break from all the sex that peppers the pages of this series, Lee Aru also introduces a side couple. They are the main couple in another series with the title Room to Room.

I put the side pairing under neutral because I feel meh about this. I love how Dowan serves as the rational part of Yubin. But the introduction and the short shift of focus of the story make those scenes the dry parts of the series. (Maybe that’s also the reason why I’m not completely sold to read their series?)


Positive ♡(。- ω -)


Yubin is super moe! I never expected to like him when I saw the cover art. He looks like a big snob haha. But despite his sharp eyes, he has some adorable expressions. He even looked a lot like Haikyuu’s Kageyama.

Yubin’s one-sided feelings for Ginu makes him my instant fave. You should know that I have a weak spot for characters harboring an unreciprocated love. That’s also why when he starts his FuBu relationship with Ginu, I worried a lot for him.


Lee Aru mentions that in the early drafts, Ginu would have been the blackmailing type. And I was so glad they did not go to that route. The story is a lot endearing and fluffy with a puppy type seme like Ginu. There are still traces of the dark and possessive Ginu but overall, he’s a moeball who follows and lusts after Yubin 24/7.

Neutral (¯ . ¯٥)

Like what I mentioned above, I am not completely sold to the side couple. The seme is a good friend to Yubin. I’m glad he’s there to be the voice of reason. But he and Chamin do not click for me. Besides, I feel so so bad about the uke’s girlfriend.


Positive ♡(。- ω -)

Cutesy art! That’s another thing that I enjoyed. Though, it took me a while to pick this up because I thought the art was not that great based on Yubin’s squished face on the cover.

I also enjoyed some panels which give off a dramatic and heavy aura, as if there’s impending doom for the main characters like for Ginu’s mom. But I guess, those panels just raised my expectations but never delivers. Oops.

Enjoyment (✯◡✯)

Save for the minor plot disappointment, I enjoy this a lot. Not just for the smut but with the fun characters of Yubin and Ginu. These clumsy babies make me want to protect and root for them.


One of the highlights is when Ginu accidentally sees Yubin masturbating because wow, there’s nothing more embarrassing than being seen like that by the person who is the object of your fantasies. He demands to continue watching it no less!

Another memorable scene is the confession part. I liked how Yubin said, after they confessed, that he always thought there is something grand that would happen once he confessed. I feel like it’s quite a real talk. Because oftentimes, we tend to exaggerate our fears. When our fears finally happen, we realize that they usually fall short from our expectation, leaving us with mixed feelings.


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