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The Voice Next Door

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I quit my job, became a voice actor, and drastically changed my looks — all to catch the attention of dreamy Jaehyun from work. But he doesn’t know I’m me! What he does know is that I dub his favorite animation, and adores the way I sound. But now he’s my next door neighbor too?! A perfect chance for neighborly love!

Picture this, the voice actor of your 2D husbando lives next door. What’s more, he is head-over-heels in love with you! Heaven, right?

That must have been what Jaehyun feels when he meets his ideal guy, Junseok. He’s got the face, the body, and the voice. But he seems to be hiding something from his past…

The controversial topic

While I find this enjoyable, I imagine some people are going to be raising their eyebrows at Junseok. To be able to match Jaehyun’s high standards when it comes to guys, the fat, ugly, and unstylish guy, whose only redeeming factor is his voice, decides to undergo surgery to be a hot guy. He even starts working as a voice actor – all for the sake of his secret love.

The topic of plastic surgery is still a debatable topic. While it’s quite common in South Korea, there are still people who are not open to this idea.

That is also the same reason for Junseok’s problem. His plan is a success – he changed his looks and made Jaehyun fall for him. Yet he still feels like a fraud

Good thing, he has a uke like Jaehyun who takes no shit from anyone. He confronts Junseok every time his seme runs away. Don’t be fooled by Jaehyun’s charm because he is really feisty in every sense of the word.

I also feel like Junseok is the first lover to keep Jaehyun on his toes. Junseok’s actions often touch Jaehyun’s ego. Just imagine being denied your favorite food even if it’s already in front of you.

But the real message of the creators is that the physical attributes are not important. Even if you fall in love with the other’s looks, what keeps you in love is the person’s personality.

Frustration with Junseok

I am the person who finds it hard to cheer on Junseok. His fear drags on and on! I was like, dude come on, just say it, like what his friends say. But it’s easy for me since I’m not in his position. Junseok doesn’t have that much self-confidence, to begin with. Then he did everything, change his whole life for a single person.

But darn it, I’m still so frustrated every time his solution to things is to run away.

Then again, I have a hard time believing the Jaehyun loves Junseok. After all, he approaches Junseok because of his voice then they had a one-night stand. Then he claims that he is in love? Hmm…

But then there’s this scene where he makes an analogy about his favorite character who happens to be Junseok’s character in the anime as well. Jaehyun said that Evan (the character) isn’t his typical bias. He isn’t even interested in him at first. But he got really invested in Evan’s personality, so much that he didn’t’ care if he hadn’t seen his eyes or what, as long as he loves him, that’s what matters to him.

That’s also the perfect way to describe how Jaehyun feels for Junseok. He fell for his looks and voice then fell harder once he got to know Junseok. I think that’s really sweet. Plus who wouldn’t fall for the innocent Junseok who flails every time Jaehyun touches him, like a maiden in love.

Wrapping Up!

It’s light, it’s sweet but has slight angst. The roadblock between the two may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s still worth it.


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