Title: ドラマティカルマーダー
Company: Nitro+ CHIRAL
Release Date: March 23, 2012
Platform: PC
Official Site: http://www.nitrochiral.com/game/dmmd/
Walkthrough: http://half-a.net/games1/dmmd.html


Aoba is a regular guy working part-time in a junk shop called Heibon. He is living in a futuristic-like city with the feel of old Japan. Due to strings of events he embarks to a journey to know what is happening around him. With four unrelated people to help him, will he be successful?

My first Nitro+CHiRAL and BL game. After playing this,  I can say that I never did once regretted picking this up. It contains everything that I loved: art, sci-fi theme, good music, interesting set of characters, and boys love. xP

DRAMAtical Murder is a game where no one died of murder (or maybe one or two…or three) but many have suffered. In this game, murder is not the same kind of murder we all know. It is a murder in a different level, in a different way. The story starts with a loooong common route which gives a detailed explanation of the world, the characters, and their circumstances. This will then be connected to the individual routes of the guys. It is as if the story is divided into two: the first one which is the common route being the ‘questions’ part’ and the individual routes being the ‘answers’ part where revelations and realizations happen.

The game is heavy in the plot. It will make you think with every detail or word said throughout the game. The narration of Aoba is detailed and amusing. So detailed I am overwhelmed with all the amount of text that I skipped some of it hohoho. I loved reading Aoba’s thoughts on things especially on those ‘scenes’ because it never failed to crack me up lmao. Another thing that I find interesting is the themes they presented in the plot. The writers created a general theme but they still put individualized themes with every route.

Surprisingly, I find the bad ends beautifully and not creepy. Sure you may find them creepy and gross at some point. However, the way the bad ends are explained thoroughly is enough to satisfy me. When you’re on that scene you feel that it is fitting for the story and all. Although I have to admit that the bad end with Trip and Virus kinda freaked me out. /o

I played this from Koujaku → Noiz → Mink → Clear → Secret Character. Originally, I wanted to play this starting from Mink because I’m pretty sure at the start of the game that I wouldn’t like him lol. But I’m glad I didn’t or else I would have spoiled the plot for me. Each route has some minor similarities but not really. I mean, they are somewhat similar but they are also independent of each other. ^^;;

Also, got to love the Extra part where the game has a gallery for CG, Media, Recollection, etc. The gallery for CG is of course for the CGs but they included shots of the background which is very nice of them since I love love love the background images. The media is a collection of all the op, ed and background songs in the game. Then the recollection is the part of the H-scenes ← my fave part maybe? Lol. You can click them then watch the scene again complete with lines, voice acting etc.



Seductive Aoba~~

The protagonist of the game. He is working part-time at Heibon and for some reason, customers hit on him while talking over the telephone saying that he’s got a nice voice. In turn, he uses this as a chance to get them to buy more items lol. He also lives with his beloved grandma since his parents go MIA (sob no idk what happened to them actually ;w;).

Wow, I loved this guy. It is quite rare for me to like protagonists this much but he is one hell of a character. He doesn’t need to have superpowers to stand out. Other than my bias on color blue, it just fascinates me how he is able to be strong-willed but not to the point of being stubborn. His will and genuine care to other people is enough to like him. He is far from a perfect lead, yes, but that makes him more enchanting. You’ll see him grow, discover himself by dealing with his problems, and relating to other people.

Hats off to his seiyuu as well for doing a job well done in this role. He portrays the many facets of Aoba: sulking, happy, angry, snarky, frustrated, slutty lol etc. Name it.


Koujaku is Aoba’s flirty childhood friend. He works as a hairdresser and has a lot of fans. While Aoba is out in an errand, he sees Koujaku surrounded with girls in the middle of the street. It seems like he usually plays with women. As his all-mate, Beni, says “It’s a shame for a man to turn down a woman.” Pffft

Childhood friends don’t always work for me but Koujaku proved me that this type of relationship has its charms. I only see Koujaku as a caring childhood friend at first. The connection between the two isn’t really there until the last parts of the game. But when it does, major ♡♥(。´▽`。)♥♡ ahead. They know each other a lot to the point of they are able to complement with their every action. When Koujaku transforms (lol that’s quite an exaggeration ^^;;), he is just SO HOT *O*. Unfortunately, his smexy time, in the end, is quite disappointing. I find it sweeter than intense lol. I’m such a perv I know /o. I should have expected a lot from our playboy.

His route feels a little ’empty’ after all the plot development in the common route. It doesn’t reveal much of the plot yet. More like, it focuses on Koujaku’s past. Usually, when you say a character’s past it is a little boring and overdramatic. In this one, it isn’t dragged out that long. It’s like ‘destroying’ the past by forgiving yourself to be able to move on and face your life.


Noiz doesn’t leave a good first impression with Aoba after having a Rhyme match with the latter out of nowhere. Most of the time, he is calm and composed no wonder Aoba is surprised to learn that he is older than him xD. His specialty is information gathering so he and his teammates earn money by exchanging information with other groups.

Noiz~~. He is an adorable kid! Ahaha (I have all the rights to call him that xP). It’s so enjoyable to see him from acting all cool and mature to a spoiled youngster. And OMG lucky Noiz to have 2 scenes in the Recollection! Not that I complain though because his hot voice is just

His route is something everyone can relate too. Trying to make an uncaring facade to distance himself while inside his dying and suffocating. Most of the people nowadays are like that and it’s nice that they put it here. The story feels more humane that way. It is freeing yourself from your self-made chains to keep you moving forward.


Mink, Mink, Mink. The big guy Aoba meet in another not-so-good encounter. He agrees to help Aoba’s grandmother in turn, he’ll have to study/learn more about Aoba’s voice (sorry I can’t explain it well orz). Furthermore, he has a business with Toue that he needs to see until the end.

I am so not excited about his route. It’s like a route I dreaded the most. Character-design wise, I don’t like him. He looks scary and intimidating. His harsh actions towards Aoba does not make me dislike him less. I pity Aoba for doing things that he really doesn’t want to do but doesn’t have much of a choice. It is piercing my heart to see Aoba do shameless things and feel so much pain in-between doing and after that.

The saying ‘don’t judge the book by its cover’ heavily applies to Mink. He is the most misunderstood of them all. I know that most people might be angered by his ways but it’s just so Mink-like. He has a very deep past that made him what he is now. Depending on what happens on his plan will largely affect his future as well, with Aoba this time. His route made me rethink of how I see him because there is more to him than meets the eye. Just what I told to a friend, Mink reminds me of Scar from FMA and we all know his story.

Another thing that intrigued me is that how will the writers pull a romance between the two. Just thinking of Mink fumbling with words and blushing while confessing to Aoba gives me goosebumps. Nor would I ever think of him acting all cutesy and spoiled while doing it. No. Never. I’m glad they don’t resort to any of that simply because I don’t even see Aoba as someone head over heels on him. He searched for him not because he loves him that way but he wants to know more about Mink and what will happen now.


Clear is the guy who falls from heaven~ lol. But truthfully he just falls in the ground, much to Aoba’s surprise. He addresses Aoba as his ‘Master’ which baffled the other guy. While the whereabouts of Clear is unknown, what is more intriguing is the gas mask on his face that he refuses to take off no matter what.

OMGGG Clear BB~! The angel of this game! //kicked. I loved him to bits! I don’t think I can explain my love for him clearly because everything that I say might spoil you so I’m just gonna zip my mouth. But one thing is for sure. Clear is precious; his route will make you laugh and amuse you at the same time. Then, later on, he will make you bawl your eyes out and feel for him. ;w;

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Clear is the most humane in this game. He realizes a human’s worth and values them more than anyone. It’s also thanks to Aoba for always looking out for him and taking, even his random questions, seriously.

My favorite part of his route is undoubtedly his H-scene. I liked it not because it’s that scene but rather because it is told in a manner where it evokes so much emotion. It is explained in a way that you can empathize with Clear and Aoba. The scene is heart-wrenching yet heart-warming at the same time.

Secret Character

Another favorite route of mine is this one. This will only be unlocked after you finished all of the other guys’ routes. Once you clear all of them, you have to start a new game since some choices only appear when you finished the other four.

Being the last route, everything is revealed here. And yes, revelations are mind-blowing! There are things that surprise me. This route takes a whole new meaning of mind-fucking lmao.

Art & Music

I am captivated by the art. It is the deciding factor for me to play this game lol. Although I haven’t played other Nitro+CHiRAL games before, they used a darker palette of colors in their previous games (though still gorgeous). It is good to see that they pay the art extra attention as they did to the story. It is so detailed I had to look carefully to prove myself that I’m not seeing a 3D graphic. I also have to mention that I loved how they showered us with lots of CG and the timing is really good. The CGs are being shown to show the important events of the story.

Actually, I wanted to put my favorite CG in my posts. However, if I do, I would probably spoil you sob. The most gorgeous CG tells a lot of the story so I try to avoid putting them. D:

As for the music, wow I loved them too. This is unexpected since I’m not into electro-popish song. But the OST is good and very fitting to the theme of the story. Each route be it a bad end or not have their own song which is nice.


Wow. I loved bits and pieces of DMMd. It has a good, well-intricate plot that will make you think and realize things. Main and supporting characters have very distinct likable personalities that you can choose whom to root for. My faves are definitely Aoba, Clear, and Ren. The art is pleasing to the eyes and the songs can make you dance to its tune. This contains some disturbing parts but it doesn’t disturb me in the very least. It makes me love this more. So two thumbs up for Dramatical Murder!

PS This review is long overdue I’m sorry. T_T I hope I am able to get my love for DMMd across through this post~! o/


24 thoughts on “DRAMAtical Murder [ドラマティカルマーダー(ドラマダ)]”
  1. Everyone says this one is great, so I have really complicated feelings about playing it. /o I don’ want to play 18+ games and usually pick up an all-ages version or PSP if there is or simply ignore the game, but I want to play this game. Like… Asap? Yep, very complicated feelings. /sob

  2. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID. Indeed it is disturbing at parts but everything was told so convincingly. In other games I would immediately think “ah yet another kink scene”. (I do agree with you about the Trip, Virus comment though. ;;)

    Omg and all my feels for Clear. TAT I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw “Clear is the guy who falls from heaven”. So true~ X3 Favourite scene is his H-scene too omg all the feels just overflow and come out in the form of tears ahaha. Hi-fives on our favourite characters yay~ o/

    Can’t wait for the fandisk!! <3

    1. Nakama~ ( ̄ω ̄)
      I hope they’ll give a proper route for Trip AND Virus in the FD. Not another 3p end please. u.u
      But he is right? X3 Clear is an angel from up above~ lmao.

  3. I have this game here but I didn’t install it yet
    I bet it’s really cool =D
    My friend played already and said that, it was very cool =D
    I love Nitro’s works *-*
    Hehe, everyone likes Clear X3
    He’s so cute, he’s an angel indeed *-*
    Can’t wait for the fandisk!! [2]

    1. Ooh install and play it when you have the time~! 😀
      Surprisingly, I’m not hating anybody in this game. It’s just that Clear is a special existence in DMMd. xD
      Can’t wait for it too! 😀

  4. Ah, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played this vn, it’s really amazing. The best part is how everything just fits and nothing is overdone or underdone, it’s perfect really. Though I love all the H-scenes, I actually try to avoid Clear’s H-scene because it always makes me cry…but I really liked Koujaku, Noiz and Ren’s H-scenes these three are my favorites though, Aoba will always be at the top of my favorite uke list~! I liked your review, I thought it was well thought out. Keep it up~!

    1. Yes, I agree. That is the beauty of this game. Everything in this game is charming enough to captivate the players. <3
      I can't blame you with that. ^^;; Clear has the most heartbreaking H-scene I've ever seen so far. Aoba is one hell of a uke! XDD
      Thank you! <3

  5. Aww, I loved Clear’s route<3 It was so cute, and I cried at the end T-T. It's definitely one of my favourite games, and all the characters have unique and likeable personalities<3 Also, I liked the story, it was really interesting and the character development was great.

  6. URGH so many complicated feelings about Mink. Most characters of the ‘dominance by violence’ trope have some kinda bullshit explanation like an ‘it’s your fault you’re so sexy’ or an abandoned-by-parents backstory or some shizz, but Mink’s got a really solid character and past that makes all the stuff he does make sense. I hated the rape and Aoba getting thrown around hit me hard in the heart, but it’s just so…MINK-LIKE. I DUNNO MAN.
    Especially after the reconnect side, I was like geez, GIVE THIS GUY SOME ICE CREAM. And a hug.
    But alas. Aoba x Ren is my OTP. Maybe Clear should get together with Mink sometime *shot*

    1. Let me squis– I mean hug you~! It’s kinda rare to see someone NOT bashing Mink.

      His ways are are not always good and his way of thinking is incomprehensible, yet there’s something about him that makes him hard to leave alone. Like, he is so broken, you’d want to be there to support him. Or at least that’s what I thought Aoba thinks. xD;;

  7. Nice review. I hate it tho that Mink gets all the hate from fans, he’s just the type of person who do not take pains to explain himself to others..he’s just like that. When I finished his both good and bad ends, my initial hunch was right: I don’t dislike his character. He’s simply misunderstood. He thinks that his life is already over and seeing Aoba as the lighter, bubbly side of life, he doesn’t want him to experience sadness and misery that’s why he ran away.

    Anyways, I’m now down to 2 bad ends for Noiz and the true route, hope I can finish them, as I’m currently juggling my studies and work. I can only play the game during the weekends, and Sweet Pool is also on my pending list.

    P.S. Please try Sweet Pool. I know you’ve been hearing comments on how disgusting it is, but when I played it (I’m done with one ending—with Makoto), it’s not that gross; or maybe my stomach’s already used to that kind of stuff, haha. But seriously, it’s not that gross. And the OSTs are nice, especially Miracles May.

    Not sure about Togainu no Chi and Lamento, I haven’t played them yet. If you have played them already I would like to hear your thoughts about them. 🙂

    1. Yeah, people are sometimes quick to judge esp characters like Mink. 🙁 The game properly explained his actions so what’s with the hate. xD;;;

      I hope you can finish this. Goodluck on your studies and work too! ^_^

      I plan on playing other Nitro Chiral game so Sweet Pool is on my list. I love the art though! And yes, I’ve read about those ‘gross’ stuff in it lol. About Lamento, I’m not if I want to play it seeing catboys and all that. ^^;; I love to play Togainu though ever since I’ve watched the anime b-but no happy end for my fave pairing? /cries buckets

  8. Awesome review as always! 😀

    Lol omg Dramatical Murder is my first Nitro + Chiral and BL game, too! I’m really glad this is my first, considering the other games from Nitro + Chiral are supposed to be really dark and disturbing. Plus Dramatical Murder is one of the only BL visual novel games I’ve seen so far with good art …lol. I know art isn’t everything, but for me art is really important when it comes to visual novel games, anime, and manga. Loved the music too, makes me want to get the soundtrack <3

    This is one of those rare games for me where I loved each and every character (except for Virus and Trip, but they're kinda like side characters so who cares about them). I haven't felt so excited about something like Dramatical Murder in so long lol :3

    1. Thanks! 😀

      Yay! Yeah, I heard the previous games were mindfvcks xD. I liked how funky the art of DMMD is. And Aoba is color blue, that color happens to be my fave so… xD. Ikr, the art always lured me to play games. If the art’s no good, then goobye~ lol

      You really can’t hate the characters. I liked the ‘twins’ here (before they do those really horrible things to Aoba). I thought they can be saved. xDD

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