Back in 2014, I posted Kirakira no Hibi and my new found love for Sagami Waka. Years later, I finally had the time to sit down and re-read the entire book again.

Kirakira no Hibi features two short stories from Sagami Waka.

Kirakira no Hibi

Nanami has a habit of walking his dog along the seashore. Because of this, he always catches a particular surfer guy, riding the waves so beautiful he couldn’t take his eyes off of him. This surfer turned out to be Shuu, a friend of Nanami’s older brother.

The story progressed quite quickly as a lot of things happened in chapter one alone. A little bit of angst was thrown here and there like their “like” for each other being an issue and Shuu’s past.

Despite being described as quiet and expressionless, Shuu’s expressions are fun to watch. While Nanami spent a chapter mulling over his feelings, Shuu already figured his feelings out a few pages back. Sagami Waka captures all the subtle changes in Shuu’s expressions that show his emotions. His reactions, albeit not put into words, has more impact because they grasp the inner turmoil (or lust hehe) he feels.

Aside from a particular misogynistic remark, I love Shuu as he propels the story forward. If it is left to Nanami’s hand, the story will probably be stuck in shoujo-like angst and scenarios. And while Shuu takes action, he is also sensitive to Nanami and waits patiently for his partner to catch up to his feelings.

Kamatta Hito

Hayato goes to a cat cafe to get used to cats to impress a girl from his office. He meets the cafe’s “prince,” Hikaru, who starts hating him the moment he learned that Hayato hates cats. Hayato persists on going to the cafe, nonetheless. Hayato starts warming up to the cat, but Hikaru’s hot and cold personality interests him the most.

I thought I wouldn’t like this one as Hikaru is such a tsundere. It didn’t take long for me to like this couple though, as I enjoy reading their bickering. Despite the sarcastic remarks they throw at each other, they look like they are enjoying it as well.

Hikaru looks cute too! Especially when he lets his guard down. I also love the part where Hayato provokes him just to see his reaction.

Since this is only a two-chapter manga, the pacing is fast, much faster than the first story. I would have liked it if their relationship is explored more. As it is, it’s hard to imagine the two as a couple yet since Hikaru seems to have lots of reservations about their relationship still.

Kirakira no Hibi is a fast and light read from Sagami Waka. Despite its length, I had fun reading this. Though, admittedly, I wish there is more to the couples, especially in the second one.


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