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“My fingers are definitely sweet!” High school student Matsushima has been wanting to open up his heart to his best friend, Mashita, so when Mashita comes right out and says that, he sends Matsushima’s heart reeling. He hadn’t planned on confessing, but with Mashita’s insinuating behavior, will Matsushima be able to hold his feelings back?

What prompted me to read this is Konna Otoko wa Aisareru. When I update my MAL manga list, a recommendation showed up with this title. Seeing that lovely cover, I immediately decided to read this. Then, I notice that the manga-ka is Tenzen Momoko which reminds me of my friend Ayu and her tweets about the works of sensei. So I’m more than convinced that I need to read this manga.

La Satanica does not disappoint! I loved this to bits that I do not mind re-reading this over and over again (I’ve already read this 3-5 times already XD). If you think based on the title that this is some S&M story, think again. I’ve been hooked to the story right from the start until the last page which also extends to the doujin of this manga. My heart goes to Mashita and Matsushima, and their heart-warming romance.

Actually, I am a little confused at first since the panel starts with Mashita running towards his classroom to get back his wallet only to find Matsushima sitting in his chair with that longing look. I’m under the impression that the latter already confessed to Mashita. But I am proven wrong in the next scenes as it seems that Matsushima hasn’t confessed yet. It’s just that Mashita already knows his friend’s feelings which establishes that the guy is not a dense uke.

Mashita is your average guy with a somewhat aloof exterior. He is a good friend to Mr. Popular Guy, Matsushima. Matsushima is like a cut-out character from a shoujo manga with his sparkly aura and carefree personality. They are the exact opposites from one another yet they become friends naturally. It is mostly to the fact that despite having different personalities, they have the same taste in things.

Matsushima’s feelings towards his friend are unspoken. However, his intense gaze betrays him that a single word or action from Mashita affects him so much. Mashita knows it and uses it to make the other fall for him more. That is a little cold and cunning. Even the manga-ka says that she wants to make him a brutish uke.

I liked how there is this unresolved sexual tension between the two. They both love each other so much but can’t say it honestly; nor make a move. The struggle with their feelings makes you root for them. Each chapter feels like you learn and understand more of them. The manga-ka knows how to pull the strings to tug your heart and sympathized with her lovely characters.

What really catches my attention at first is the art. It is so beautiful *O*. The characters have pointed features which is very pleasing to the eye. They are also drawn in a very detailed way. I loved how the eyes are drawn. They have beautiful eyelashes, and the irises dilate and contracts depending on the reaction of the character. The emotions are not only conveyed through words and body movements but also to the eyes of each character.

All in all, I loved this manga. Now I am on the road to becoming a Tenzen Momoko fan lol. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a not-so-dramatic manga with enough comedy and realizations. You should also read the doujin created by Momoko-sensei which features a bit of their past. And while you’re at it, listen to the drama CD which starred Hatano Wataru and Tachibana Shinnosuke. xD


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