[Scribbles] I Switched!

I know the title’s lame (haha) BUT I got myself a Nintendo Switch!

nintendo switch

Earlier this year, I was debating with myself whether I should get a PS4 or a Nintendo Switch. There were nice games on both consoles but I was leaning towards PS4 *coughcheapercough*. Then Otomate announced the “switch” to Switch and that pretty much nailed my decision to get it.


[Scribble] Woot! Manga Olympics for Bloggers!

You love manga?

You love blogging?

Then you might like to join this event!

The guys at Manga Weekend will be hosting a Manga Olympics for Bloggers! You can choose which topic to choose in either one of the categories: Shounen, Shoujo, Josei, and Seinen. Applications are open until May 27th but the official start of the tournament is on June 3.


Interested? Come on, I know you do. :3c

Just head over this post to learn more. 😀

[Scribbles] End of Saiunkoku Monogatari Light Novels

After eight years and 18 volumes, Sai Yukinowill end The Story of Saiunkoku (Saiunkoku Monogatari) light novel series on Thursday. In this fantasy set in Saiunkoku (an empire inspired by ancient China), a poor yet noble family’s daughter named Shuurei rises through the ranks of the imperial palace.